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  1. I've just placed a order for fabric samples. I'm rather hopeful that my finace will like the quality of the suits.
  2. Nice website. I like the Music section where you feature music from your wedding. It's a new idea that I haven't seen on any other wedding website.
  3. What a unique website. I love how it is different from the standard wedding website template.
  4. The side detail of the 4 boxes is a lovely touch. Your website is outstanding, and similar to what I would like. I've been trying to work on a wedding website myself using either Joomla, or Wordpress but I haven't found any templates that allow what I like.
  5. I'll be going to michaels as they have weekly coupons for 40-50% off.
  6. I hope to keep the dress hidden from him, but it might be difficult in my small house.
  7. I've considered it but decided against it as it would be "A S S". :/
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