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  1. Would anyone know all the locations available for a cozumel wedding?? Im going on Carnival and "A wedding for You" wedding planners have only mentioned the Melia Resort. Are there any other locations
  2. vnue978

    Finally booked! Carnival Destiny 2010

    We are thinking of the Melia Resort. Passion Island looks really beautiful =)
  3. vnue978

    Finally booked! Carnival Destiny 2010

    "Congratulations" Im also a Destiny future bride This is great to have so may of us on the same boat..lol. All of my close friends that have cruised in the past have all recommended the Carnival Destiny. I originally had made group reservation on the Carnival Liberty (7 day cruise) but it got too overwhelming with the price for everyone. We switched to the carnival destiny (4day) just a couple of months ago. I have no regrets, price dropped over half the price. We plan on having a beach ceremony on cozumel along with a reception party, and then having an after hour party back on the ship. We are sailing in July. Im still however having a very hard time with most of my guest making their initial deposits. I did STD back in August and then again in November I mailed out postcard reminders. So far I have 28 rsvp and still have about 25 who have still not rsvp (This includes people who are even in the wedding). Its very frustrating because Im pretty much on hold as far as ordering favors and so on until I get an exact count. Most of all my guest promised to make their deposits or pay in full this month (I wont hold my breath) lol....But hopefully this is the worst part.
  4. "very helpful" thanks so much. I think this is one of the most stressful parts of planning a Destination Cruise Wedding =( Im planning an on shore wedding at the 1st port of call Cozumel Mexico. Space is very limited in certain locations for the reception so Im not quite sure where exactly the reception will be until we get a good idea on how many guest are going.
  5. Hello, wondering what would be the proper wording for RSVP reminders for deposits? I'm planning July 2010 cruise wedding and have already sent out save-the-dates with wedding website info for guest (this was about 3 months ago). Everyone who's planning on going has told us how excited they are , but most have not made their minimum deposits. The cruise/wedding consultant is very concerned and keeps reminding me that they should RSVP before prices go up. I plan on sending out a friendly reminder card before the initial invitation, but don't know how to word it.