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  1. We decided to do something totally opposite to our beach DW. We rented a beautiful cabin in the wilderness and spent 2 weeks together relaxing and reconnecting. It was precious time that we won't get for a long time once the babies start coming!
  2. I started planning almost 2 years in advance. I loved it because I never felt rushed, could wait for "a bargain", and it gave my guests plenty of time to save up for the DW. I loved not making rushed decisions and instead could truly decide what I wanted most she choosing resorts, decor, and all the other little details that take lots of time and research to decide on. Happy planning!!
  3. Your the first Groom I've encountered on here! Welcome and I wish more grooms were like you…including mine! ha!
  4. I think the costs of DW can add up quickly and is not always the cheapest alternative to weddings at home. However…when the average wedding at home is more like $20,000-30,000+, than a DW becomes a cheaper option. 100 guests will mean you needs to buy a bigger package and spend more on upgrades. If you choose a smaller, more intimate wedding, your costs could be under $5000. Good luck and happy planning!
  5. Congrats! Time will fly by so savour those moments when you still can call each other Fiance!
  6. I just had the most beautiful wedding at Paradisus Punta Cana. I highly recommend it!
  7. Awesome wedding date choice! lol I bet that's a popular one!!
  8. In the end…its YOUR wedding day…you need to follow your heart and go with what will make you most happy and what just feels right!
  9. You've come to the right place to looking for ideas and advice! Happy Planning!
  10. My sister-in-law makes these as a small hobby business...I love the flower idea, I'll be sure to mention it to her. Thanks for sharing!
  11. Cute wedge sandals…mine were coral coloured and stood out from my dress. Super comfortable and gave me the height I wanted to show off my gown. I'm 5'5
  12. Does anyone know how to view just the photos from this thread? I used to be able to access the photos on the right hand side of the thread. Any ideas?
  13. Honestly, I can't even recall the exact date we did the marriage paperwork back home unless I dig up my marriage certificate. And that was only a couple months ago!! On our anniversary, the only date we will remember is the wedding date and thats whats most important anyways! lol
  14. I think they should lower the number of posts…I've been on here for years and my wedding has passed and I'm still a noobie. I like when it used to change after like 30 posts or something like that. Wow..your the first senior member I've seen!
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