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    CHECK OUT Transat's new wedding packages!

    I'm thinking of using the Transat wedding package as well, but it almost seems to good to be true! Has anyone out there used this yet? With the Euphoria package, does anyone know if it is a private dinner?
  2. Melissa D

    Barcelo Colonial; February 12 2009

    Great review Heather!! Lots of info....I'm getting married at the Barcelo Colonial in May 2010! We were hoping to rent a boat for some fishing as well, did you do that through the resort? I hope no one in our group gets sick though! lol How did you find Claudia? I've heard some mixed reviews...
  3. Thanks guys, this information is great to know. I didn't even consider it could be taken in customs!
  4. Melissa D


    Quote: Originally Posted by NewYorkie I have been with my FI since I was 16 (HS Sweetharts) and everyone keeps telling me, it's about dam time...lol. Congratulations!!! Yeah i've heard that a few times as well! lol
  5. Great review! Everything sounds amazing. I've been leaning towards this place for a while now for our wedding in May 2010, and this definitely helps my decision a little easier. Thanks
  6. Amazing story! He definitely deserves some credit there!! Congrats to you both
  7. I finally got engaged last month after 10 years together! well, we have been together since Junior high when we were 14 years old. I always knew we would get married but i definitely did not expect it to happen the way it did! It was Sunday evening, and we were just getting ready to pain the spare bedroom. He went in the room to test a spot of paint on the wall. Then he called out to me in the kitchen, told me to come in, and said the paint color was not going to work with the room. When i walked in, he had Will you marry me painted across the wall! and he was waiting behind me with the ring! I was in my painting clothes, but you know I couldn't have felt any better if i was in a ball gown! ....thats my story!
  8. We've been together 10 years and just got engaged last month!! Having said that we did start dating when we were just 14 years old!
  9. Melissa D

    Hello from Newfoundland, Canada!

    Hi Everyone, just a quick hello to introduce myself! My name is Melissa, and i'm in the process of planning my destination wedding for May 2010 in the Riviera Maya! Still haven't picked my final place, but its narrowed down to 3! (Barcelo colonial beach, grand riviera sunset princess, and gran bahia principe akumal) It's soo hard to make a decision, they all look amazing. This site is great, can't wait to get everyone's advice! If anyone has any preferences over those 3 resorts, or any comments, feel free to write me! Thanks, Melissa