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  1. Hi there. i like the dress, im going to get a tape tomorrow to measure myself.I think i wear a six though.Could you tell me where the tightest part of the dress is (lower back or waist) Thank you!
  2. bellaVida

    Destination Cozumel

    Thank you all.Now if i can just pick the reception area!
  3. bellaVida

    Items for sale

    hi there.ill take the spanish for dummies if you still have them. my email is sweetsouthernhelle@yahoo.com
  4. bellaVida

    Mon Cheri Wedding Dress Size 6

    hi there. if the dress is still available let me know.it will fit me and ive been looking for one on craigs list for ever! my email is sweetsouthernhelle@yahoo.com. i am supposed to look at on on monday so let me know! THanks
  5. bellaVida

    Maracs and bags

    let me know if you still have the towels. thanks
  6. bellaVida

    Cozumel wedding December 09

    hi there.i hope to hear your experience at ogc. I am about to decide if we are going to do our reception there or not.We are allowed to bring our own officiant and i am using a mayan shaman. But i dont want to be nickel and dimed to death either! Let me know what is going on with your issues.Thanks!
  7. Hi ladies. I recently choose cozumel for my upcoming nov. wedding. We are choosing between the occidental grand and the wyndham. Holiday sands is actually really nice and has great children s activities if you are inclined. I contacted a wedding planner and found all the information she gave me on my own. So i contacted the hotels directly myself. The prices they give seem to be lower and more room to wiggle. For example i wanted a mayan shaman wedding.At the wydham they ask for 2 grand just for the ceremony and i think a champagne toast and cake. I have the name of the shaman (asked the hotel for the website) and made arrangements myself.For a third of the price. So finding a hotel willing to let me bring my own officiant and have a nice beach was the deal maker. Right now i have 2 hotels to decide from. I am actually coming in on a cruise for the day so my guests will buy day passes and us a room, They get free drinks all day and can order from any of the menus.(they are going to make us a special menu to) so that covered the lunch part.Now we just pay for decor and cake! I am being really frugal.We paid for 13 cabins on the cruise and just wanted our loved ones with us.I am looking forward to talking with you all.
  8. bellaVida

    Destination Cozumel

    Hello my name is Christina, I live in eastern n.c currently with my fiance of 5 years. We are getting married Nov.16 of this year. We decided to bring both of our immediate family with us on a cruise instead of having a big wedding. The reception is going to be at the occidental grand cozumel. And we are doing a traditional mayan ceremony down on the beach. I am looking forward to getting some great ideas for favors and diy ideas. Cheers ladies