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  1. Thanks for the heads up! I think I saw your comments before about headaches with the spa, so I contacted Adrian Guerra who is a local makeup artist that other brides on the forum have raved about. He and a partner of his are going to do my hair and makeup. Feeling better about this choice after your comments. I was looking for the prices because my bridesmaids thought they would get their hair done at the spa. But it looks like Adrian offers better prices anyway. AND he has been super easy to communicate with, so I think it'll be easy if any of the girls want changes. And he's coming to the room which should be nice and convenient. August 7th is our date - and we leave Monday night!! Sad I'll be missing the season finale of the bachelorette but cannot WAIT to be at the Barcelo!!!!
  2. My dad keeps telling me that when you're that close to the equator, it's hot no matter what time of year it is. If the seasons are distinct - it isn't by very much at all. I've been watching the weather forecast for playa del carmen because we are getting married there during the first week of August (so soon!!!) and it has been highs of 75. I'm sure it is very humid though... We are going to try and beat the heat by having a late ceremony... but I worry that 6pm isn't late enough... We will see first hand soon enough!!!
  3. The Barcelo spa sent me a list of their current prices... I'm attaching the list here in case anyone else needs it!
  4. Our wedding coordinator said exactly that. You can either pay $300 to buy off the resort's photographer, or you can pay for the photographer to stay for 2 nights in which case he would be considered "a guest." I think if you pay the $300, you're still going to have to pay for guest passes (which will cover the typical obligation to pay for a meal for your photographer). So might be less $$ ultimately to pay for the extra room. And have the benefit of an extra room. Well... I guess how much a room costs also depends on what time of year you'll be at the barcelo! But it really is an either/or option. I think there was a change in policy about a year ago. The change in policy and the either/or option are what I think created the confusion...
  5. Our wedding is two weeks from today and we just decided we want a videographer! Yikes! At least it's "off season." Hopefully we can find something that will fit our budget.
  6. Does anyone have the 2010 spa prices? I swear I saw a price menu on this forum at some point... but now I can't seem to find it anywhere!!
  7. The wedding coordinators at the beach and the palace are the same and a lot of the wedding information is the same regardless of which barcelo hotel you stay at. So I think the thread that includes a lot of info about the palace is also relevant to those staying at the other hotels within the barcelo resort... hence the combined thread...
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by mzbmbastic just want to confirm that barcelo does not allow outside photographers. this is a deal breaker for me if that is true. do they allow it but you just have to get a day pass? We've hired Del Sol (yeah!!!) to do our wedding day photography, and our wedding coordinator just told us we could either pay for the photographers to stay at the hotel for 2 nights, or pay the $300 fee to excuse us from hiring the photographer they have a contract with. So seems to me to be an option and not necessarily the Barcelo changing policies. BUT... alternatively (third option!!), we may be able to have these requirements waived if we their photographer to do a trash the dress session and a wedding video. Haven't decided what makes the most economic sense just yet!
  9. Good call! Nice ideas... both the bag. And those stadium cup lids would probably be a very good alternative to a koozie. I might go with this option. THanks for sharing!
  10. Photographer guest pass/hotel room question... As discussed, if we want an outside photographer, we have to pay for them to stay two nights in the hotel. Does anyone know if the photographer can stay in the Caribe for two nights if our wedding is at the Palace?? Or will we wind up paying guest passes for them
  11. Wow wow wow!!! I'm getting married in Playa del Carmen this August... and Del Sol will be photographing my wedding... I think August is rainy season down there... but will rest assured that Del Sol will capture some GREAT moments rain or shine!! Wow!!!
  12. I guess it's now Mrs. D rather than Future Mrs. D!!! Congratulations! Did you have an option to have your reception dinner in one of the open air restaurants? As opposed to the banquet room? Sounds like you had an amazing time either way, but I'm a bit curious.
  13. Congratulations! Your photos are gorgeous. Thank you for the review!
  14. So cute! I was hoping to do the same... but also want to lose weight! Not sure if losing weight is going to happen before the snow melts.
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