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  1. I almost always wash my own stuff. Most of the time you're on a beach in a bikini or in shorts/t-shirt. It's not like it is a winter there or very dirty. I don't get how you all can get a full bag of clothes to dryclean.
  2. They do expect to be tipped. My family goes to Cuba every year so I've been there many times. You can pay in Canadian or US $$,but they do prefer to get paid in CUCs. Not sure where Salamander gets her info,but it is not true. They'll even take coins if you needed,but it is harder to exchange them in Cuba. Bills from US,Canada,UK and other popular currencies are gladly accepted and pretty easy to exchange for them
  3. There are some very good and experienced destination wedding photographers in Ontario. They start at around 4K,but their work is breathtaking. With so much savings a destination weddings brings, it's a sin not to document it by a good photographer. A month ago there was a post on a Canadian forum about a bride who hired a resort photographer in Cuba. Pictures were blurry,dull and out of focus. She hated ALL the images and was looking to hire a local photographer to redo it...
  4. I am hooked. I am already watching 4 shows. Wish there were 40 hour in a day
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by DWbride09 We stayed at the Princesa for our honeymoon week (2nd week). It is a FABULOUS resort and I highly recommend it for a wedding or switching over for the second week. They serve chamapgne everywhere!! at the beach bar, when you walk into the buffet, the lobby, everywhere!! Here is the link to my facebook album. Although there are no wedding pics you can get an idea of what the resort looks like.... Login | Facebook Thank you. I guess we finally settled for this resort. Everyone I talked to says it's one of the best resorts in Cuba.
  6. OMG!! Thank you so much. These are beautiful images. I didn't know I can bring photographers with me to Cuba so I'll be in touch with you shortly. A
  7. A few of our friends stayed at this resort and are saying it is one of the best in Cuba. Trip Adviser also has very good reviews. I'd love to see some wedding images from this resort.
  8. Hey everyone. Wedding date: Nov25th,2010(to be confirmed) in Varadero Cuba...YAYYYYYYYY Glad I found this site. Already found a lot of great ideas!
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