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  1. Have fun wedding dress shopping!!! I ordered mine last week & I can't wait for it to come in!!! Sorry to bother you about these floral arrangement photos, but could you email them to me? I wasn't worried about it at all until I read your posts...I mean, how can they mess up tropical flowers? LOL. I'd really appreciate it, my email: joshuab.and.kate@gmail.com Thanks again
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by cmathews Hi, We have been working with our travel agent and I think we narrowed it down to three; Grand Palladium, Barcelo Maya Palace, Iberostar Parisio Maya. I have been able to find a ton of information about the Grand Palladium and am trying to get a comparison of the other in the following areas: 1.) Quality of the food 2.) Ambiance/Atmosphere of the resort 3.) Are the rooms nice? 4.) Types of daytime activities 5.) How do the evening shows compare 6.) How private are the weddings on the beach? 7.) Are the receptions in a private area and what are the like? I would love to hear how you think the three compare. I've been researching Barcelo all summer long & have had nothing but great results! We've decided to get married there 12-28-2010. My info comes from other brides that had their wedding at the resort & my parents (who stayed there last winter.) Sorry i don't have any info on the other resorts you've listed... They've said the food was EXCELLENT (and top shelf liquor is available upon request!) The rooms, atmosphere & service were great. Be patient with the wedding coordinators, as they take quite a while to get back to you, BUT your wedding will go smoothly-they are pros. Beach weddings are not totally private, but i've been advised to have an evening wedding to avoid crowds during mid-day beach rush. There are several reception sites: some on beach with private service, some in reception halls, & some are held in the restaurants. I've seen photos of beach receptions & they are beautiful! You can rent out any extras you'd like, but they come with beautiful tables/chairs & a microphone with big speakers. The one complaint i've heard over & over is that you must either: a. use the resort's photographer or b. pay to have your photographer stay as a guest for 1 night. Hope this was helpful! Good luck!
  3. We are very early in the planning stages & have so many friends that claim "they are coming for sure!" It's hard to imagine most of them actually showing up, but at least they are excited for us. We have a large circle of friends & we all love to party..so the more the better! Honestly though...as long as my fiance shows up & I look great, what more could a girl ask for?!?!
  4. I never really thought about the make-up, but it is offered in my package through the Barcelo Maya Palace...anyone know if their makeup artists are any good?? Don't really want to chance it & look like a clown.
  5. Thanks for the advice/encouragement ladies! I know the answers are usually simple, but it feels great to have a little back-up from other brides!
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    Congrats & Welcome!!!
  7. Has anyone seen the work of the in house photographers at the Palace? I'm kinda curious..I've only seen the website & wasn't too impressed. They looked like snap shots that friends & family could have taken. For such a beautiful place, you'd expect more.
  8. Hi All! I just got engaged in May & am getting married in December of 2010. People (future mother in law) keep saying we're crazy for waiting so long to do a DW, but I'm from Minnesota and we need to get away from the cold in the winter Any advice on responses to these opinions??
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    I'm Engaged!

    My name is Kate & I've been engaged since Memorial Weekend 2009. We are having a destination wedding on December 28th, 2010 at the Barcelo Resort in the Riviera Maya.