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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by sheila2011 Quick Question...what kind of things have you guys been emailing Carolina? Should I be emailing her to tell her which package I want and that I want the beach party? I thought most of the other things can be picked when I get down there. Just wanna check if I am missing anything!! In other news, I bought my heels for the ceremony yesterday! I love green so my shoes are stiletto emerald green heels! Now I have to learn to walk in them! Quote: Originally Posted by caribbeanLover Hi!!! Def let her know the package you want, and if you want the beach party. And if you have a restaurant in mind you'd like to have your reception at, let her know so she can save it for you. And make sure she confirms 'I confirm your package and beach reception' I told her I wanted La UVa, and I got it...I also got her to confirm it, and brought all the emails down with me incase (I didn't need them) Are you planning your ceremony in the gazebo or the beach?! if the gazebo you'll be fine with the shoes, on the beach I'd suggest getting a pair of flip flops and then once your back on solid ground you can put the pretty shoes on!!! I agree def. let her know you want the beach party.. they can only do 2 per night at opposite ends of the beach, and they are in high demand considering there is like 4-5 weddings a day. I had almost 40 guests and our dinner was at the spanish rest. it was a smaller rest. so it seemed like we had the whole things; there were huge windows all around us it was gorgeous and perfrct for the size of the wedding.. very nice area of the resort as well.
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by richarsd I "got stuck" with 2 pm for my ceremony too. We're having a legal ceremony (ie: judge is doing it). Basically, all the ceremonies are based around the judge's availability. There is one judge for all of Punta Cana so he usually has several weddings per day. What he says goes. Therefore, the legal ceremonies on the resorts take precedence. All other ceremonies, such as ROV and Symbolic, are then based around that. So we don't seem to have a lot of choice regarding times unless we luck out. I originally wanted 4 or 5 pm, and I was flexible on the day, but I was given the choice of either 2 pm or 11 am...I picked 2 pm!! Lol There's always the possibility of someone else cancelling and then you change your time if so. I was married at 3 pm and found it was the perfect time, by the time the ceremony was over and pictures were taken it was 5:30-5:45 and time to meet our train to take us to the restaurant... trust me 2pm will be fine
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by jerzshortstuff MilitaryMrs.s-to be... CONGRATS! That is so exciting! caribbeanLover ... Good luck with your surgery! I will definitely be keeping both of you girls in my prayers that all goes well! So did any of you do the ceremony on the beach? FI is a surfer and I'm a beach lover so the whole point of us going away is to get married on the beach. I guess I'll be okay as long as I know people may be gawking or in pictures. (which we may not even do pro-pics anyway since we're on an extremely TIGHT budget) That's why I was hoping for a later wedding time, but maybe she can make it later once we are there since she said it was "subject to change." Thanks for all of your input girls! I saw the beach wedding set up a couple of times over the 2 weeks that I was there and did not like it at all... where you walk down is right where people are sunbathing, and to me they didnt set up the "alter" close enough to the water... there is a ton of beach traffic as well, so getting everyone out of the way is almost impossible... I would be very clear with Carolina to describe the set up to you and the proximity to guests befor you choose the beach ceremony... Honestly, I would go with the gazebo, it is much better for pictures and for the ceremony.. (coming from someone who as well wanted to be married in the sand)
  4. BRIDES WHO WERE MARRIED IN APRIL 2010: Have you received your marriage certificate from Carolina yet?
  5. I used HDC, and had Mijlan shot for us... and could not have been more impressed with the quality of photos and professionalism. He met in my room at about 2:30 to shot me getting ready befor the ceremony. He captured every moment perfectly. After the ceremony he shot my wedding party on the beach, as well as some group shots with our family and guests befor taking shots alone of my husband and I on the beach, beside palm trees and laying in the grass... beautiful pictures, he had great posing ideas and was very easy and comfortable to work with. We had originally only booked with HDC for 3 hours, but since we had a break for dinner befor our reception (to do the cake cutting and frist dance) he offered to extend to the 5 hr and leave durnig dinner to get his tri-pod to come back for the reception.. which we agreed too... he ended up staying well past the 5 hrs and mingled with all of us during the reception- it was great!! Our package including the deposit was about $1500. We received a photo book with 200 pictures, 100 (5x11) prints, 30 (8x12) prints- we also received all photos(more than 600) and rights on cd... WELL worth the cost.. I dont have anything but good words for HDC. We met with Arnaud twice later during the week and he is so kind.
  6. i am not sure if 20 people could fit under the gazebo, with the table there holding the books and flowers it would definitly be tight.. everyone would end up being huddled arounf carolina and the judge. not to mention that the sides are completely open, and i think the top of the gazebo is aswell- not a good shelter if there is rain. moving the wedding ceremony inside would be a better option.
  7. I have been checking the weather network compulsivly for the last month... weather looks good to me...apparently April is the driest month with the longest/most sunshine hours... lets hope it true... I can't believe I leave next week, it seems like yesterday I was engaged and this time seemed so far away...Some of you girls leave tomorrow!! How exciting... dont forget to blog if you have a chance- fill us in on what everything is like... And Good Luck, all the best!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by caribbeanLover WHo's having the beach party after dinner? Are you decorating the place, or bring stuff done, or you will just deal with however it normally gets set up? I don't know what to do! i am having a beach party, and i am letting Carolina set it up as she normally does, with whatever they have there... it all comes back to weight restrictions on the flight, and i don't want to haul stuff all over the place. i am sure they will have plenty of decorations there, and if not what you want you can probably find a supplier there in the DR.
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by caribbeanLover I called CanJet and AirTransit (that who we originally flying with) both of these companies allow you to bring a carry on your purse and it's free for your wedding dress as a bride. So call sunwing, they may do the same. I know they don't have a closet, but it should still be free to take it on the plan. I plan on just keeping it in my lap for 4 hours (it'll be long plan ride!!) LOL... that was my plan b- spending some close quality time with my dress on my lap... whhat ever it comes down too cuz that sucker is not being checked with the luggage... Has anyone has problems with this Sky Service Dillema?? I know some tour operators charter flights through this Airline... thank god Sun wing has there own fleet... if that wasnt the case I think I would have had a major breakdown... geez
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by DawnBuckley I am traveling Sunwing too and today I have been shifting things among suitcases! Trying to fit the Welcome bags in. I had to remove the metal water bottles we are giving everyone because if the bag can't lay flat I can hardly fit them in the suitcase! My sister is coming for Easter dinner this weekend so I think she will be taking her welcome bag and the bags for her kids. She may also carry a few others for us because we will be way over the weight limit... after all... we have to think of all those shoes!!! Yikes! At first I thought it was 22kg per bag, and 2 bags per person, but no 2 bags and one carryone for a total combined weight of 25 kg.... so crazy, i had to say my fiance was right when he said we are not bringing extras down we will buy favors there...clothes, shoes, appliances (blowdryer, straitner) the limit will add up quick... my carry-on is my dress- the bridal salon i purchased it from has these special garmet boxes made specifically for travelling on planes= which is a relief becuase apparently sunwing doesnt have an area to hang your dress...
  11. The Knot has good hairstyle pictures, just sign in to view them.... I still don't know how most of you are managing to bring down so many extra's, we fly with SunWing and are allowed at total weight of 25kg per person... so for a compulsive packer like me that is pretty lite... and i am not prepared to pay the rediculous added charge for extra weight... I am trying not to stress, rather be excited, but it is so close and i want everything to go smooth... i am stressing on forgetting something....... How is everyone else feeling?
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by isy_beau I'm flying in from Montreal with Air Transat, my flight is landing in Punta Cana at 11h15 am we will be on the beach with a drink in our hands by noon!! i am so glad my flight is early : )
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by isy_beau I'm arriving on the 15th at 11h00am. On the same note has MilitaryMrs.s-to be, I would like to thank all of you girls for just being there and sharing, it has help me alot sungoddess_08 don't worry like Tracy said you're lucky cause your gonna have all of are reviews and pictures I arrive on the 15 aswell, around the same time... we are flying in SunWing from Toronto, although my FI and I leave on the 29 (our guests all fly back on the 22). Where do you fly in from? Maybe we will be on the same shuttle : )
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by caribbeanLover Sorry, I meant for the ceremony, there will be no DJ for the ceremony, I'm going to get Carolina to find someone for me to play the cd's. So I thought it would be less confusing for who ever is playing it, if it was all sepreated with labels, when to play which cd. because there will be things in the middle of each song that person will have enough time to get the right cd. Maybe I'm wrong,maybe it'd be more confusing.. i just don't know anymore!!! For the DJ I will give him my Ipod, and back up cd's just like you said. Are we able to bring our Ipod's? I had emailed Carolina about what format is best, my concern with the Ipod would be the docking station or connection that would work with whatever equipment they have in the DR, I know that based on what "generation" the Ipod is the docking/ connection piece is sometimes different... who knows maybe i will do both... and i agree with you, i no longer have any more space for thoughts.. i am tired of planning and thinking I just want to get down there : )
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by caribbeanLover I leave in 18 days!!!! Like Courtney I don't feel I'm ready, and every other day I'm add things to my list to do, so it never ends. For the mugs, I got them at the dollar store, only problem is I boug 17 of them at the time not knowing who was coming, and then I did my own labels and I screwed some of them up so the mugs were done for. But I saw some at canadian tire (I will have to ge those one for the bridal party) for $4.99.. I know it's alittle pricey but it's still cheaper then discountmugs. I did my own labels. I made my own art clip, printed on label paper, and then took book protector, put it over my sheet of labels and then cut them out,stuck them on,and they are waterproof. I tell you, it was still cheaper then discountmugs, just a little more work on my part, well worth savea couple of bucks in my mind. I'll be putting them in the OOT bags with other random stuff (firs aid kit, lip balm with spf,cross word puzzle book....) I got the bag from vistaprint.ca for $5.50 a bag with our logo on it. I think your hair would be perfect for the beach theme. I would have done the same, if I had an actually beach dress. But it's a big church dress. Me too I got the confirmation that she got all my documents, and that we are set to marry.. I def let a sigh of relieft out lol. I really love your idea for favours. They will love it. It's a memory of their trip but also your wedding. For the bags, I'm actually handing them out before everyone leaves, as different people will be there on different days. Also this way I don't have to worry abou packing them, I have enough to pack.. def more then 55lbs per person that we are allowed!!! Oh thats amazing she'll do it for free!!! I lost the contact I had, so I'm just waiting on an e-mail, and I'll send you a msg as soon as I get. You luck girl you!!! (no I didn't get them from Carolina, your too funny!!! like I;d actually get real good info from her!! lol) She's way to busy for that. Like I was saying to Sungoddes, I'm doing the same, crossing something off my list maybe even afew things, next thing you know, I've add another 10 more things to do.. never ends!!!! i just want this part to be skipped and were there already!! What are you doing for your ceremony music? Are you putting in on a cd, or IPoD? I put them on cd, each song ,each cd... prelude on a cd (while guest are being seated) then the bridesmaid song on one cd, then me and my dad walking down on a cd, signing the papers, pouring the sand.. ect... I also decided to do my cake cutting and my first dance at the ceremony so the photographer can get these pics. But the cake will be served at dinner (I'll try and see what I can do to get it served there.. I doubt it.. but do ppl want to eat cake in the sun anyway?!?) SOoo many questions and decisions.. it's driving me nuts... Officailly have no more space in the brian. I would think to put all songs on one cd (maybe make a copy for backup) in the order you want the songs played, that way there is no delay or confusion switching from cd to cd.. if the songs are on one disc it would probably be easier for the dj to navigate through the songs...
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