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  1. Hey, gang! So far I've only heard of table runners on the dinner tables, nothing about table clothes. But I was looking through some pics Kelley sent and saw this couple had table clothes. http://nathanielsphotos.com/John_and_Julias_Wedding/ (look at pic 105) Do you guys think the bride brought that herself? Or do you know if it's an option?
  2. 1st off, congrats, Melissa!!! So glad to hear that you had a fabulous wedding! And secondly (please forgive me if I'm the tenth person asking this, I searched but couldn't find the answer), do any of you guys know if LC charges a different per head rate for kids?
  3. Our TA goofed and didn't actually book the rooms we reserved at Dreams (TA ruined my day, hopefully not my wedding...). Looking at our options - the few we have left 2 months out - we're considering moving everybody to Barcelo since they still have rooms available to keep our group together. We're having the wedding at Las Caletas, so I'm not worried about ceremony stuff. But trying to hustle and get new rooms booked I don't have as much time as I would like to do research on Barcelo. Can any of you guys give me your opinions on it? Particularly as it compares to Dreams? I'd really appreciate any help. Thanks!
  4. Work has been crazy lately so I was happy to run out to grab lunch with a girlfriend when I had a break last week. I was also psyched when I saw that Corner Bakery had my favorite soup that day - poblano corn chowder. So I was totally bummed and kind of peeved when the cashier told me they didn't have it. me: "What do you mean you don't have it? Did you run out?" cashier: "We don't have that today" me: "How could you run out?? Don't you carry that soup anymore??" cashier: "Ma'm, it's Thursday, that soup is only available Sunday thru Tuesday" me: suddenly realizing I didn't know what day of the week it was *tucks tail between legs* "I'll have the chicken noodle, please. Sorry..."
  5. Here's the background: We're having a small destination wedding in Puerto Vallarta with just our immediate family and grandparents. We're picking up the tab for their travel so I arranged everybody's flight and hotel for them. Final payment was due today on their trips so I called my TA to give her my credit card #s but it turns out she goofed somehow and only 3 of our 12 guests actually have a room to stay in. Great.... Some glitch in their system means three of the rooms were never actually reserved and we'll be there during a holiday weekend so the resort is fully booked now. I made these reservations in MAY!!! Six months later and two months before my wedding you tell me my family doesn't have the room I put a deposit down on!?!?!? The TA is going to try to snag any rooms that become available if there are cancellations but as a back-up plan they booked rooms in another hotel 7 kilometers away. Oh, but don't worry, she tells me, since it was their mistake they will pay for the guests stuck at the hotel 5 miles down the road to get day passes to hang out at our hotel. So they just need to hop a cab and pack everything they would need for the day to come hang out with us. Our families are traveling with kids, it's just not that easy. This sucks and I'm just stuck waiting now, with my fingers crossed, that somehow we can get everybody together in the hotel we originally booked. We only need 3 more rooms! (any chance anybody out there plans to cancel their stay at Dreams in mid-January? anybody? no? well, figured I'd ask) Oh, and as if all of that was enough to handle, she also let me know that the flight all 12 of our guests were scheduled to take home was canceled. So she now also has to find a new way to get them back to Philadelphia. Sooooo, with 2 months to go, three quarters of my guests don't have a room and none of them have a flight home. ARG!!!! (thanks for letting me vent, guys)
  6. Thanks for the feedback guys. I think I'll take Ann's advice and ask Kelley just to be on the safe side. Alfredo sauce and mac and cheese are generally not OK for our one "special" guest. When she's trying to not stick out or be a bother she'll eat dairy products, but I don't want to make her feel uncomfortable if we can avoid it. PS - 96 days until my wedding. Sorry, had to share. I can't believe the countdown is in double-digits now!!
  7. I emailed a couple PV photogs and the two who got back to me within a day were Karla Benitez and Eva Sica. Both were super helpful and are very reasonably priced. We ended up booking with Karla since she's photographed at my venue before so my WC is familiar with her. But definitely check their work out: Karla - http://kbnitzphoto.carbonmade.com/ Eva - Blog: http://www.photoshootsvallarta.com Portfolio: http://www.slazdi.lv
  8. Did anybody else have vegetarians or vegans at their LC wedding? We will have one guest who's strictly vegetarian and mostly vegan - meaning she will never eat meat and avoids eggs, milk, and other animal products whenever possible. Does the menu cater to non-meat-eaters or are we going to have to make a special request?
  9. 4 months out... what do I need to get done?? Â We're getting married on 1/16/10. I've got the dress, his suit, all travel arrangements done, and photog booked. What should I be worrying about next? What do/did the rest of you have on your to-do list at this time?
  10. Hi, guys! I see that a lot of you have gone with linen suits or pants for the boys. Can anyone tell me how these hold up? My fi and I just started shopping for what he's going to wear and one of the salesmen we spoke to told us to avoid linen because it will wrinkle terribly. That's what I had originally envisioned him wearing but I definitely don't want him to look disheveled in the pictures so I'm a little nervous about going with linen now :-/
  11. It's official! We're getting married at Las Caletas on Jan. 16, 2011. Yippy! As of now we're also planning to do the legal ceremony in Mexico. From what I've read, it sounds like the majority of you guys plan to get the legal stuff out of the way before heading down. Is there anyone out there who plans to/did do the legal marriage south of the border? Any advice to make the process go smoother? Brooklyn Carolina, you're getting married the day before me!! I originally wanted your date, but the Sunday works just as well for us too. The holiday weekend makes travel a little easier on the kids who will be missing some school to come down.
  12. I was showing her pictures of a previous wedding at our destination and she chimed in with "Oh, I can do that!" Noooo, no she can't do that. Her "experience" is acting as yearbook supervisor at the high school she teaches for two years. No, no that does not qualify you to take my wedding pictures. How exactly can I get this point across without hurting her feelings? Arg...
  13. Can anyone tell me when I should get in touch with the crew over at Las Caletas if I'm aiming for a Jan 2011 wedding? Maybe at about the year marker?
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