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  1. My mom and I are the best of friends. this is very out of character for her. i think it might be a mix of not liking my FI that much and a lack of control. Since she isnt giving us any money, i dont feel a need to go her way on things. For example, she wants a very traditional set up and I wany very relaxed and she was upset with me for saying that. she wants me to wear a white dress i dont want white. things like that. I am 23 right now so I will be about to turn 26 when we get married. if we waited 5 years i would be about to turn 28 or 29 depending. it doesnt make sense. I am going to take all of your advise and tell her I am getting married the date my FI and I picked and she can get over it. I like the idea of saying she can come with us in 5 years for the renewal
  2. hey! they look amazing! can you explain how they work exactly?? the website is a little hard to figure out
  3. I agree that you should go with unmatched sides. You dont want your friend to feel like she is the last choice fill in. Although, if you dont ask her and you go, she will obviously see unmatched sides and figure you dont like her enough to ask her to be that fourth girl. very tricky. I would maybe approach her about it and give her the option
  4. Hey guys, i just need some advise on what i should do! I was proposed to a few months ago, and we wanted to get married in February of 2011. My mom thought that was the worst idea ever and WAY too soon (?? WHY! ITS OVER A YEAR!) so to be accomodating, we pushed back the date to Feb of 2012. Keep in mind that FI and I are paying for this wedding all on our own- no help. So we booked the resort and started sending out the save the dates. I warned my mom that that was our date and she said "ok babe that is great" I sent a save the date to their house and.... WAMMMMMMMMMMMMM she lost it. she is telling me she refuses to go to the wedding unless it is in.... 2015. 2015! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? WE WOULD BE ENGAGED FOR SIX YEARS! what the heck! help me
  5. oh Lisa it is all wonderfull:) you shoudl take a close up of the mugs and everything.
  6. Hi there, my name is Shelby and I just got engaged, so im a newb
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