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  1. Hi everyone, I was just wondering when you all paid the deposits for your date did you use credit card or do a wire transfer? Pilar told me I could do a wire transfer cause I wasnt comfortable with sending a copy of my ID and credit card, but she has yet to give me the correct info to do the wire transfer do any of you have this info? My email is t_henderson@live.ca Thanks so much -Tamara
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by lisadias Hi Tamara That pricing is far more excessive then what i am paying. I took the devine package which includes 25 people and I am only paying the addition 25 for dinner at 53$ a head. I didn't take the extra cake per person as desert comes with dinner and there will probably be more than enough cake with the 25ppl included. For the cocktail hour I am only taking the hors d'oeuvres for 25 which is included as most of the guest will be taking pictures and they provide 5pieces per person which should cover the rest, they didn't charge for cocktails during that time. For the champagne toast right after the wedding i was told as long as you are ok with glasses pre filled and served with champagne then it's no cost. It only costs if you want the bottles opened there. i've got Sandra now as a coordinator and i am very happy so far. I called her about the quote and asked her to call me right back and she did and we went through line by line and she answered all my questions. Hope this helps. if you have any other questions feel free to ask. I'm a detail and organizational nazi lol so I will probably have the answer you need. Congrats! Lisa Thanks for the advice Lisa, that seems WAY more reasonable. I am definately going to negotiate the pricing and I will use your suggestions I am sure I will have MANY more questions for you too! I have Pilar as my wedding coordinator which makes me a little nervous, but hopefully it all works out. Good luck on all your planning too. Tamara
  3. I am in the middle of booking my wedding here for May 11 2011 I am so excited! I am so glad there are so many other people getting married here too! I was a little nervous at first because I couldnt find many people getting married here. I just got the pricing for additional people, I think I am going to be negotiating that! Couldnt believe that it was over 100$ extra per person! We are only having about 35 people but still thats an extra $1000! There are some great tips on here Thanks ladies!
  4. I am considering this one too. I would love to see any pics that everyone has. You can email me a t_henderson@live.ca. Carly have you gone for your site visit yet? I would love to know what you think of it!
  5. Your wedding looks amazing, congrats! Thanks for the review. Were the lanterns something the resort offered or did you bring those down yourself? That is something I REALLY want for my wedding. Thanks. -Tamara
  6. This is looking like the resort for us I am so excited! I emailed the WC but I got a response from someone named Ivonne not Marialma does anyone know who this is? Is it another wc or a new one? Anyways thanks so much for all the info on this post its been really helpful!
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    I would also appreciate any recommendations for reputable website that sell Allure dresses
  8. Hi, I was wondering if anyone has used gownfind.com for their wedding dress. I found my perfect dress and then I found it at gownfind for about 360$ cheaper. I tried researching it and there were some pretty bad stuff about it being a scam. Then I found something saying that the scam post was incorrect that it was a different company that were scamming. I also found some stuff from people saying it was legitimate and that they were really happy with everything. I am so confused now and I was wondering if anyone on here can help out? Thanks so much! Tamara
  9. Hi TreenBean2011 I am planning to send out my save the date cards when I have everything booked, probably about a year in advance, just in case you can't get the exact date you want or something then you dont have to redo and resend everything.
  10. I'm just starting planning for my wedding, but I figure that I will look for a resort that has a free wedding package when you book so many rooms (I have found a couple that are a reasonable amount like the Excellence resorts), then I will make my own decor and such and upgrade on the things that are really important to me like a good photographer. I am also going to do my legal marriage at home since it seems to save a LOT of money, I will save like a thousand dollars getting married in Canada first instead of legally getting married in Mexico! (Also I dont want to have to do the blood test!) -Tamara
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    Thanks everyone for the welcomes and congrats I have to say I am addicted to this site already! I've already found a lot of helpful tips and things I had no idea about LOL!
  12. LOL, I dont know about this, the only wedding idea my FI has come up with involves Sea Dos and me getting married in a white bikini! I'm not too sure I want him to get any more involved
  13. I had this question too! So I am glad to have an answer. No stupid questions
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    Bach party dilemma

    Good luck with talking to your BM. Hopefully she will understand.
  15. Wow, so many things I wouldn't have thought of! Thanks for sharing