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  1. Hello ladies, I am leaving tomorrow for my wedding trip!!! I will be able to give a review when i come back!!
  2. Hello, I had origiannly booked the Mint breeze package for my wedding but later changed it to the Strawberry Passion instead and they had no problem with that and it was super easy. Hope this helps
  3. Hello, I am getting married at the tropical & am having the Strawberry package. Is the menu you have for this? if so I would love to see it also carriecrittenden@yahoo.ca
  4. I love these but I cannot open them either could someone send them to me? carriecrittenden@yahoo.ca
  5. Does anyone know if it is hard to get oot bag stuff through customs? Just wondering.
  6. Hello, I was wondering if someone could please email me the templates? because I dont have enough posts to open open it yet & I really love this idea. carriecrittenden@yahoo.ca
  7. I think, they are fantastic. I dont have enough points to open it!! thats sad!
  8. Thanks a million Stephanie!. I had asked the WC for them a few weeks ago & still no response!! Whish I hear is typical! lol
  9. Hello ladies, I am having my reception at the palmeras grill & I was wondering if anyone has any pictures they can email me? carriecrittenden@yahoo.ca
  10. I agree, My concern is that I have set a budget based on the quote that I orignally recieved. I think it is unfair for them to raise the prices and not add more to the package to justify it. There needs to be a line drawn somewhere! I know I will not regret my decision to get married here however its adding to my stress level when they raise the prices for no reason. I sure hope my $3080 is quaranteed because I chose this package with some careful planning behind it and it took me a long time to concince my FI that this was cheap in the first place!
  11. Where is a good place to get them? I live in Vancouver and dont want to spend too much on them.