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  1. Thank you so much for answering my Q's Sunbride! I will ask the wedding coordinator about moving further down the beach. - Melanie
  2. I tried on this dress yesterday, and it is stunning! I'm definitely getting it. It feels light as a feather compared to all the other dresses I tried on. It will be really easy to transport, too! I'm planning on wearing my hair up with a rhinestone headband and chandelier earrings.
  3. Hello Wonderful, Helpful, Informative Brides! I am so thrilled to know about this forum. Oh, by the way, my name is Melanie, and I am strongly considering Dreams Tulum for my wedding on April 10. There are only a couple of reason why I haven't already secured my date. One is that they only have noon available for a ceremony on that day, and I'm wondering if my guests are going to be uncomfortably warm. We're getting married on the beach. I guess it's only for 30 minutes, right? Encouragement on this front would be greatly appreciated. The other thing is that (as everyone on here has mentioned), the responses and figuring out all the info from the wedding coordinators is so confusing. I've read about them making mistakes in contracts and unexpected charges, so I'm feeling wary about that. Plus, I don't even want half the things in the packages, but when I've e-mailed with the coordinator, they are insistent on choosing one of them. Oh, and another thing---I really want a private beach wedding. Here and everywhere else I've looked, there are people around. I'm wondering if it will be a big deal or not. Any comments about that? Does anyone know of somewhere I could have a private beach wedding? I'm at the point where I just want to pick somewhere, you know? But I'm worried about picking the wrong place. Hmmm... Melanie
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    April Dreams Tulum wedding

    Hi! My name is Melanie, and I'm getting married April 10, 2010 at Dreams Tulum in Mexico. I'm so thrilled to find this forum with all the great information on it! I can't wait to read more! Congratulations to all the other bride-to-be's and thank you to everyone who has posted with information about their wedding. Melanie