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    List of Resorts??

    Thank you! I will try that...
  2. Is there any site or thread maybe that has a complete list of resorts in Cancun? I am trying to decide on a location and every once in awhile I run across a resort I had not seen before. I want to check them all out and narrow it down so I'm dissapointed if I book a resort then come across one I like better!! Thanks in advance!
  3. JuliaDawn

    New Here!

    Hi, I am Julia, and I just got engaged a couple of weeks ago! I am wanting to have my wedding in the Cancun area around the first of June or so. I haven't ironed out many details yet, there are so many places to choose from! I want it to be affordable enough so that the people that are most important to us are able to go. We are on a budget as well, so I have decided to do all of the planning on my own and am hoping I can find a great place that is decently priced. I have been looking at this forum the past couple of days and have learned a ton already, thanks in advance for any help, I am going to need it!