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  1. Hi everyone- I am getting married at Beaches Boscobel next month on September 26. We are still trying to plan things and I have had a difficult time getting info from the WC, so I was very thankful to have found this site to help me. I wish I had found you all sooner! We are planning to have a private reception after the ceremony, our wedding will be pretty small, 17 including us. We are trying to figure out what to do for entertainment for the reception, any recomendations? We were thinking the island band or dj.. As far as decorations- did anyone go with the Preston Bailey collections? I almost booked one until I realized they were silk flowers and have probably been used before..we didn't get the floral catalog until today so I am trying to figure out decorations too. Again- thank you all- I have gotten more info from this website than the WC and I am relieved to see that everyone had a great time when they actually got there. Lisa
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    Thank you so much- what a great place! We have 3 children, 4 year old twin boys, and another boy who is just about 11 months. I hope they have a great time at the resort, and am crossing my fingers for travelling with them.. So far things are going well, but I do have a question. How did you get your wedding dress to your destination? We called the airline and I had assumed that there was at least a garment rack and they said no. They recommended I put it in the overhead or stuff it under my seat. LOL, I just laughed, but am wondering if I should ship it fedex at this point? Thanks again! Lisa
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    Hi everyone! I wish I had found this site sooner, it would have made things so much easier! I am getting married next month September 26 2009 at Beaches Boscobel. We ended up choosing that resort because we have three children, and needed to find something that makes everyone happy..I am now praying for calm weather during our vacation- I guess September is a peak time for hurricanes..Anyways- I have been going through many of the reviews for Boscobel and most are pretty good so I was happy to see that. I am not to happy with the wedding consultant, she hasn't done a really great job explaining the process to me but I think we have it figured out. We are palnning to do the three hour private reception after the ceremony and it looks like we might have 20-25 people attending. Again- I am so happy to have found this site, but just wish I found it months ago! Thank you- Lisa