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  1. There is an option to pay by paypal, but there's an additional 4% charge. I think I can live with that. Thanks for the help
  2. I'm in the process of booking with Frederica from Micas de Miralls wedding planners for a reception in Xpu Ha. I've never wired money internationally and was wondering if it was safe? Any scams out there I need to be aware of? They look like a legit company, but when it comes to money, I get worried. Just hoping people can put my mind at ease.
  3. This thread's old but I have the same question. Any tux rentals in Playa del carmen? Old links don't work.
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    Quote: Originally Posted by Jenna20 Patrick congrats and welcome to the forum! You will find lots of great info on here. The Grand Riviera Princess is one of my options. Were you able to find good pricing? How has the resort been to work with thus far? Happy Planning. Jenna20, we were able to get air transat for $1330 taxes in which includes their regency club package. It's direct from Vancouver which is a plus. The WC at the hotel has not been very responsive. I think the wait time for an email is upwards of 2 weeks. We're having a reception here as well, and our wedding planner for that is helping us with the planning for Mexico. We are seriously considering having our reception in a different location.
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    Thanks everybody!
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    Hi, My name is Patrick and my fiancee's name is Sandy. We will be getting married at the Grand Sunset Princess on Nov. 16. We knew the process would be stressful, but not like this! Hopefully this forum can help alleviate some of the pressure. So far so good!
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