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  1. FutureJamaicaBride

    Any other 2010 Brides out there????

    I am getting married January 25, 2010 in Jamaica!
  2. I love number 3. Let me know his email address or website. I would love a rsvp card like this. Thanks!
  3. FutureJamaicaBride


    Welcome and Congrats!!
  4. FutureJamaicaBride

    Can't wait for my big day!

    Congrats and Welcome!!!
  5. I was trying to find someone who used him also, his photos look better than a lot ones i have seen. He is a lot cheaper too!
  6. FutureJamaicaBride

    Newbie still deciding on a place/date

    Italy sounds wonderful! Congrats and welcome!!!!
  7. FutureJamaicaBride


    Welcome to the Forum and Happy Planning!
  8. FutureJamaicaBride

    Just Engaged!

    Hi Andrea, Welcome to the Forum and Happy Planning!
  9. FutureJamaicaBride

    Florida Bride in the making

    Welcome to the Forum and Happy Planning!
  10. FutureJamaicaBride

    Barcelo Bride newbie

    Congrats and Welcome! You will find lots of great information here.
  11. You can contact Clayton at dreamlandphotographer@yahoo.com
  12. Mswhatever Do you have a price list for True Colors? The list i have from the hotel seems expensive.
  13. I am undecided also, the website i went on for True Colors had all old pictures from 2006, i would like to see some new pictures. Do you have their email address? I found a photographer that will cover all day for around $500 but i am unsure of him. He does not have a website right now, he said it is under construction. He did send me some of his pics and they look really good though.
  14. Has anyone used the hotel photographer at Grand Palladium Jamaica? I would like to see some pictures if anyone has or any feed back. Thanks!