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  1. Erica&Rohan

    DJ Mannia was AMAZING! (Punta Cana)

    Thanks for the review! I am also looking into possible DJ choices and this will definitely be on the list!
  2. Erica&Rohan

    Newbie- Playa Fiesta Wedding

    Congrats and welcome to the forum!
  3. Erica&Rohan

    So many wedding decisions

    Congrats and welcome to the forum!
  4. You did an awesome job with everything!
  5. Erica&Rohan

    Alyssa's planning thread...

    Everything you did was awesome! I loved how everything tied in together, very stylish! Congratulations!
  6. I love your ideas! Great planning!
  7. Erica&Rohan

    Dthslove planning..woow

    Everything looks great!
  8. I loved the hair, dress, and makeup! Simplistic and beautiful!
  9. I am so inspired by you to start my own DIY wedding projects! I wasn't even thinking about (or even knew about, for that matter) a BD book, but now I am really thinking about doing one!
  10. I can tell you put a lot of thought and time into this! Excellent job!
  11. Erica&Rohan

    What is a BD book?

    Just curious, I have been looking through a few threads that had pictures of a "BD book" but no explanation as to what it stands for or means.....Can anyone elaborate for me?
  12. This is really unique! I loved this!