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  1. Candice Marie, thank you for starting the topic thread! I'm getting married in 36 days at the OGC and was in a desperate search for maracas. I came across amols.com and was skeptical. Thanks to you, I'm putting my order in tonight! Now, if I can figure out how to pack the maracas along with the wedding favors (personalized shot glasses and deck of cards, tacky? I think not...every great get together requires these!) into my luggage? Advice please....
  2. I'm in the midst of completing OGC wedding checklist for our August 6, 2010 wedding date. I find myself quite nervous and stressed!! I haven't decided on the flowers (is it me, or are the prices outrageous??). I haven't found a dress (actually, I haven't looked yet). I haven't had time to contact Ricardo @ OGC to find out if they'll allow a priest to perform the ceremony (my family refused to attend unless a catholic priest was performing the ceremony). If that doesn't work out, I'll have to have the ceremony at the church which means another thing on my "to do" list and more money out of my pocket for my guest's transportation to the church and back to OGC. I have to look for and book a photographer (any suggestions? I wasn't thrilled with the resort's recommendation). At some point, I'd like to contact the DJ as well. Oh, and the TA I'm working with at Liberty Travel doesn't help much!! How are you OGC brides doing?? Any advise, suggestions, thoughts? Please share! Thx!
  3. kvgc1013

    Cozumel wedding December 09

    Quote: Originally Posted by valie.g. I am getting married December 1, 2009. We are staying at the Occidental Grand Cozumel. We are looking for options off the resort for the ceremony and reception as we feel like we are being nickel and dimed at the resort. If anyone has any suggestions, all would be greatly appreciated. Hi Valie! Congratulations!! I hope your wedding was all and hopefully more than what you had expected! I too will be getting married at the OGC on 08/06/2010. If at some point you could provide me with some feedback on your experience, I'd greatly appreciate it! Regards, Karina
  4. kvgc1013

    Destination Cozumel

    Quote: Originally Posted by bellaVida Hello my name is Christina, I live in eastern n.c currently with my fiance of 5 years. We are getting married Nov.16 of this year. We decided to bring both of our immediate family with us on a cruise instead of having a big wedding. The reception is going to be at the occidental grand cozumel. And we are doing a traditional mayan ceremony down on the beach. I am looking forward to getting some great ideas for favors and diy ideas. Cheers ladies Yay! congratulations!!! I'll be celebrating my 10th wedding anniversary at the Occidental Grand Cozumel on 8/6/10 and I'm glad to finally come across another OGC bride! Please do keep in touch as I would love to hear of your experience at the OGC and pictures would be great! Btw, did you pick the beach club or the terrace?? I'm having a hard time choosing the wedding favors. I personally think favors are such a waste of money as I'm sure it'll end up being criticised by guests and maybe thrown out. Most of the beach themed favors are a bit "cheesy" looking. I would suggest you go for something that can be used or that is edible. I was thinking of a set of scented candles, or a personalized vase for each guest.
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by MexicoBeachBride2010 Who's Anne Marie? I only know of Sandra, Maritee, and Massiel. I wouldn't worry though because it is not uncommon to email with one WC and the day of your wedding have a different one. They are all fabulous! Like stated before, print out all emails before you leave so you have written confirmation so whomever you deal with can see it if need be. Hi Lauren, I had sent two emails to Maritee with no reply. By my third email, I had decided to cc: the whole crew. My email was forwarded to Annemarie which prompted a quick email response to my questions. Annmarie is the Guest Services Manager at the Majestic Colonial. Since then I have been dealing with her and she's been great! Karina
  6. I hope annemarie Rauch is not the one that quit. She was so efficient and prompt in answering my emails. I'm still debating on the date and to be honest now location too! I want the wedding at the majestic, but greg asked that I consider Mexico since some of his family lives there. To add to my stress, I filled out the TA questionnaire a week ago (as recommended by so many on this website) and not once has anyone tried to contact me. No email, no phone call.
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    Occidental Grand Xcaret, Mexico

    Quote: Originally Posted by nathanielthompsonphoto check out these threads: http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t28154 http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t24375 and make sure to use the search feature in the upper right of screen happy planning! :Sorry guys! I'm still trying to find my way around this website. Thank you for links and tip!! Now, how do I delete my forum thread?
  8. kvgc1013

    Newbie..Destination Vow Renewal Gal

    Hey! congratulations and welcome! I'm a newbie myself and so far, found this website to be extremely helpful. I'm also renewing my vows! YAY! 10 yrs in october of 2010. Wishing you and yours many more!!!
  9. Has anyone vacationed and/or had a wedding at the Occidental Gran Xcaret? Please share opinion, experience and pics if available. Karina
  10. I'll be married 10 yrs in October 2010. Since we eloped, we're celebrating by having a wedding at the Majestic Colonial with family and friends. However, we're planning on celebrating in July 2010, before our actual anniversary. Is that wrong? Bad luck? What date should I use on the party favors or any other item that may require a date on it? Karina
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by lrdavis23 Thanks TA Maureen, I know this message was for Karen, but this was great to know my rates are also around the right price based on the time of year we are having our wedding. 1000-1100 a person for 4 night, around 1200-1300 for 5 nights, 1500-1600 for 7 nights including airfare during June have the rates increased that much?? I vacationed @ majestic last year in July a total of 5 of us so we had to get two rooms and we paid no more than $1100 per person for 6 nights. Have any of you used or considered using the a TA w/ destinationweddings.com? Any feed back on that would be great! Karina
  12. Andrea, very good question. i hope someone will be able to provide some insight as I'm trailing slowly behind. btw congrats! You know, I was a bit surprised by the colonial's pricing per person for a private party...does anyone feel it was over-priced? This morning my sister made a good point. She figured the price per person should depend on their high or low season. Has anyone attempted to negotiate the per person price? If so, how did that go? Also, those of you who have been contemplating on the open bar. I'm working with Annemarie and she has been wonderful so far in responding to my emails. She provided me with the private gala menu which states house wine (red and white), beer, juice, soda and bottle water is automatically included. With that being said, it's not worth paying the for the add'l open bar. Save your money, enjoy what's included! Karina
  13. kvgc1013

    Newbie! Possible Destination Wedding....

    Hi everyone! Thank you for the warm welcoming, well wishes and help! I'm working my way into the threads and hope to run into all of you from time to time.
  14. Congratulations to all!!! And thank you to each and all that have contributed to this thread. I'm still trying to catch up, so please excuse me if I'm bringing something up that was already covered. I'm so excited...I'm in the first steps of planning my 10th wedding anniversary. We're planning on renewing our vows at the Majestic Colonial in July or August of 2010. Before we decide on the Colonial (which has to be ASAP) does anyone know what are the major differences btwn the Colonial and Elegance? Are the per person prices the same for the reception? Did anyone get a list of food available for the reception? Your suggestions and opinions would be greatly appreciated!! - Karina
  15. Hi my name is Karina. My husband and I are planning to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary in 2010!! We never did have the chance to celebrate our wedding with family and friends as we had eloped. So here we are, looking forward to this wedding! I had originally hoped for a wedding in NY, but we're working on budget of 10k which isn't helping us accomplish the wedding we want. Last year, we visited the Majestic Colonial, Punta Cana and had a blast. The hotel, service and staff were wonderful! We're thinking of celebrating there and already obtained some info. Before we make a final decision, can anyone suggest any other hotel in Punta Cana and/or Mexico? Thanks!!