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  1. Thanks Daryl, that is good to hear. We have decided to move forward with Tomasz and he will be playing with his partner(a guitarist), Mario.
  2. I'm getting married 4/24 and have done the following: Booked hotel/venue for wedding and reception Sent save-the-dates Arranged welcome reception Booked restaurant for groom's dinner (still working on transportation to/from) Booked florist, DJ, hair/makeup, photographer, minister Ordered and received wedding dress Ordered bridesmaid dresses Ordered proof for invites Booked flights for wedding and honeymoon Need to: Decide on appetizers for welcome reception Decide on groom's and groomsmen's attire Buy wedding bands Arrange legal ceremony in the states Buy wedding party gifts Work on play list for DJ Work on ceremony Send invites Register Create program, place cards, itinerary Decide on and purchase shoes/jewelry Decide on favors - leaning towards charitable contribution instead OOT bags Oh my, still so much to do!!!
  3. Hi, we wanted a violinist for our ceremony and read great things about Violetta but she was booked for our wedding date. Our WC located Tomasz. I haven't heard anything about him. Does anyone have any more info or, better yet, has anyone used him? We are having Mijares DJ for our wedding and I know he plays guitar too so not sure if we should switch gears and just have him play guitar for our ceremony also? Thanks for any help/insight!
  4. I've heard good things about Tropicana - my fiance and I walked by it when we were in town but did not eat there. How did you transport everyone there?
  5. Thanks again. Have an amazing wedding!
  6. Maura - we are having our ceremony on the beach right outside of La Playa, cocktail hour on the terrace, and dinner at La Playa too! Did you have a groom's/rehearsal dinner? If so, did you do that onsite or offsite? Did you host any other events at the Westin like a welcome reception?
  7. Thanks Jess! I can't really view much on their website so if you have the email from her that would be great.
  8. Jgammagirl77 - do you have a website or any contact information for AIM Los Cabos?
  9. We are looking to provide transportation for our guests from the Westin to our groom's dinner and back. Does anyone have a good company to recommend for this that doesn't require you to use them for all transportation? We talked to TransCabo and they had a requirement that in order to provide transport for our groom's dinner that they had to provide all transportation for everyone during our entire stay (airport shuttles, etc.). We don't want to make our guests use any particular company nor do we want to pay for everyone's airport transfer or we will be broke. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  10. We rented car when we were down in Cabo for a site visit over Labor Day. While helpful for getting around and having some flexibility, navigating was a little difficult and parking especially was a hassle. I found myself worrying about the car in San Jose del Cabo when I should have been concentrating on finding a good restaurant for our rehearsal dinner! It all depends on how mobile you want/need to be while you are there.
  11. We had a great time in Cabo during our site visit! The weather was great, although really warm, and the Westin treated us very well. We were upgraded to a really nice suite and they threw in the Royal Beach club breakfast and cocktails/appetizers every day at no additional cost. We were able to meet with some vendors in person and have a tasting of the food (which was very good - I was impressed). We decided on definitely having the reception at La Playa. Arrecifes is beautiful but I just didn't want to be stressed out about the $10,000 food and beverage minimum. Plus, I also want to be closer to the water. I don't have a WC yet since we haven't signed our contract (hopefully this week) so I have been working with Maira, the sales/conference manager. I did get a chance to meet Juan briefly since there was a wedding there during our visit and he seems very nice. We spoke to a couple of the guests that were there for the wedding and they said he was extremely accomodating. Let me know if there are other details you want. I am still trying to figure out a rehearsal dinner location...
  12. Wonderful! I hope this means we can still fly in this evening!!
  13. Yes, I too am freaking out and stalking this storm through every website imaginable. Although our wedding isn't until April 2010, we are supposed to head to Cabo tomorrow for a site visit. I know that they closed the airport this morning and am just waiting for the storm to hit to see if we will still be able to depart tomorrow (or at all). We may need to cancel our trip, which is a huge bummer to think about since I wanted to get all of my details nailed down while we were there. Keeping my fingers crossed...
  14. PKBride and Meg&Shay - We are scheduled to leave tomorrow for our site visit to Cabo but I am freaking out b/c of the Hurricane which is supposed to hit the area late this evening. I'm not sure if we will even go, if flights will be cancelled, or if the weather passes, how bad the damage will be in the area. I will most definitely report back if we can make the trip, but at this moment it isn't looking good.
  15. Wonderful! La Playa looks like my front runner too I'll be sure to let you know what we think when we get back. I'll try to take a bunch of pics also.
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