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  1. Oh really, that's awesome!!!!! Can you post or PM me his info so I can get a hold of him? Thanks!
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by PHAT_NAT Hi there..Where are you travelling from...Also when are you getting married down there..I booked through selloffvacations..They gave us a group quote..I have been in contact with the wedding coorfinator however to set up the date and start palnning the dteails her name is Joyma and her email is... bodas.mva@solmeliacuba.com Let me know how you make out and if you need any more help,.. I wrote her an e-mail and received an automatic reply that she is out of the office until September the 1st. I hope she can get back to me before then I would really like to make sure they have April 15, 2010 available so I can go ahead and book my tickets!!!! And about the destination photographer, will they stay in Cuba for that long.. Thanks
  3. Hi, I am looking at booking this resort too. I dont have any photos or anything to help you out! But I am wondering if you could help me out by sending me the contact information of the wedding coordinator.. Is that how you booked? Thanks, Jules
  4. Oh and another question. Is the onsite resort photographer/videographer decent? Did you use them?
  5. Thks Amarillis. This resort looks absolutely beautiful! Were you satisfied with the service, food, etc? I am down to choosing this one and the Melia Varadero, but am trying to weigh the differences to make up my mind. Any real complaints about this resort? And for some reason I am having difficulty opening those 2 links for the wedding package that you posted, I am not sure why. The forum will not let me access them. Also do you have the contact information of the wedding coordinator and if I e-mail her will she be quick to respond!!? Thanks so much, Jules
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by chantelle Hey JulesnPhil, We are most likely gonna be married at the Melia Varadero next May. It was a super hard decision (totally know what you are going through) but after months of going back and forth that one seems to be the winner. I have a bunch of info and pictures I can send you if you want just msg me with your email. They have a really great wedding package and if you have over 17 guests it's free (huge bonus!) The wedding coordinator is Joyma and she has been so helpful at answering my million and one questions and always responds to my emails within a day or two. The wedding gazebo they have is beyond gorgeous and it over looks the ocean. Good luck and let me know if there is anything I can help you with :-) Thks again!! Do you have the e-mail for the wedding coordinator down there that you could give me? and what about the resort photographer are you going to go with them? Also were you in contact with melissa at all? the rep in Canada? I e-mailed her yesterday and waiting to here a response! Thanks, Jules
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by Dmitri_Markine I'd take Blau over Melia. Whats the reason for that? I havent been able to find any wedding packages for Blau, that was my turn off. Seemed like limited info for their weddings
  8. Thks ladies! pensfan- do they have a wedding gazebo at barcelo marina palace? I was looking at Melia today actually and starting to lean towards that more, but liked the looks of Barcelo Marina Palace if I knew what the wedding locations were.. do you have a link to the detailed wedding packages? Thanks so much again for your help
  9. Hello Everyone, So I thought I was decided on the Barcelo Solymar. But now I am starting to second guess myself and I would really like to make a decision soon. I am considering the following other resorts: Barcelo Marina Palace- looks like a beautiful spot.. however having trouble finding pictures of the wedding gazebo and things like that. As well as the wedding package details that I see listed in another thread. Melia Varadero- looks absolutely beautiful but I heard that the beach isnt that great! Blau Varadero- this resort also looks very nice and is very well rated but can not find anything about wedding packages?? Does anyone have anymore info on any of these resorts? Feedback would be greatly appreciated.. I need help from you ladies for making a decision
  10. Hey, My first day on the forum!! I am just starting to plan my wedding in april 2010 (14-15) at Barcelo Solymar. I see that it doesnt look like one of the most poular resorts in Varadero.. is there any reason for this? I have never been to Cuba before so I am not sure. Is there anything I should be aware of about getting married there? I understand that all I need is my passport and Birth certificate and no translation is required since this is my first time ever being married. Does everyone on here book through a travel agency or has anyone ever just booked individually online. I have a lot of family back east as well in the west so we are flying from all over and the cheapest rates seem to be for us to book all online on our own and flights are only spaced one day apart for some! I spoke to a travel agency but I found the rates to expensive and this the easiest way to do it! I emailed the Hotel to speak to someone about booking the wedding. Are they usually pretty good at replying to your e-mail in a timely fashion!!!?? Lots of questions I know but I am ready to get this ball rolling Thanks, Jules
  11. Hi, Im Julie, just beginning the stages of planning a wedding in Cuba for april 2010!! Im so glad I found this forum!
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