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  1. Ah thank you so so much!!! It was amazing! I didn't get my hair done at the SPA, I got it done by Fernando and his team!! Just take photos of what you want and it will turn out perfect, I am certain of that! You are going to have an amazing time!!!!!
  2. Hey my husband got his at jos a bank. And his brothers/ my dad got their's at Perry Ellis. The Perry Ellis store had them and Macy's sold them as well. We both his brothers at Macy's. They had matching jackets as well but I just liked the relaxed look with the Vest, Pants, and the rolled up shirts.
  3. Hey Guys! Here are just some of the photos that were put up online! We have hundreds of them……. Some really amazing ones!!! Claudia's work is out of this world! She catches moments and details that will last us for a lifetime! She made our wedding so special and was able to still capture so many amazing moments even through the chaos of having to move our wedding! ENJOY! Link below: http://claudiaphoto.com/slideshows/claudia/november10/deanna_jimmy_111310/ Our package included the rights to the photos, so I have a CD from the Photographer with all the photos. Not all of our photos are in our printed album nor are they on the online slide show. Her work is awesome and she is the NICE PERSON I have ever meet. I loved workign with her!!!
  4. BTW I didn't have my hair and makeup done at the SPA at the Hotel, I hired and brought in a team from Cancun! Also Claudia is an outside Photographer. BOO I absolutely remember seeing you! I hope you had a wonderful wedding, we had a Awesome time! We had a party, it was amazing despite the bumps in the road! I wish I was back there
  5. Absolutely Fernando Fuentes and his team are worth hiring! My hair looked absolutely amazing! And it stayed till the next day! They are great. If you have a photo of what you want it will look exactly like it, if not better!!! . Fernando is a freelance make-up artists and he use Mac Make-up. One of the gentleman that he brought with him is a manager and the trainer in charge of teaching artists how to do makeup. Claudia Rodriguez is the Photographer that we hired! She is amazing. She does great work and is the sweetest person I ever met. Once I receive the photos from her, I will post them for you all to see
  6. Hey I got like 100 STar fish from the Shore during the Summer and then I order 160 from this website www.qualityshells.com
  7. Hi, We used the resort Photographer for just the ceremony, since it was included and we already paid for it. Claudia did the whole day and was the main photographer! We even did a TTD with Claudia three days later. As for the Vases, we used DECO CANCUN, Anita! We had flowers in water as well, just as you described! SHe is the best and she does a lot of events for the hotel so you don't have to pay her, the hotel does. They charge you and then pay her, You don't have to pay and additional fees or guest passes, use them. Their pricing is GREAT! You couldn't buy them for the price they charge. She has a lot of great ideas and decorations. I contacted her three weeks before my wedding so you should be fine! Best of Luck with your Wedding!!! Have fun, enjoy it, it goes by really really quick! And relax! Really try to Relax and Have fun, don't stress!
  8. Here is the other one.....attached. What we had was a pocket fold envelope with sticker of our monogram on the outside. Our guests opened it up and it had a welcome message in the center then we had the little cards in the pockets. The whole thing was a DIY and it looked awesome!!! I will look for the welcome note, so if anyone wants to use it they can and they can just change it around Here is the link to a sample on the website: we didn't have the extras like the website does .... http://www.paper-source.com/cgi-bin/paper/personalize/W98/step1.html Welcome Party2.docx
  9. Here was one of the cards that was in the welcome envelope for all the guests. looking for the other ones! Once again got the idea from someone on here.....not sure who it was, but it was very very helpful Welcome Party! BIENVENIDOS PleaseJOIN US FOR A COUPLE cervezas and bebidas THURSDAY, NOVEMBER ELEVENTH AT 7:00 PM Rendezvous Bar LOCATED IN THE lobby We look forward to seeing you!
  10. Another thing, the two sayings we used for the bamboo fans. What we did was bought white scalloped cards, citrus colored oval labels (which we printed the sayings below on...in brown) as well as an Indian lotus stamp with a purple ink pad....we bought all these items from Paper Source. We put the labels on the card and then stamped them with the Indian lotus in a purple color and tied them to all the fans which we had on the chairs! It turned out awesome! It looked Like we Paid $5 for each one, that’s how great they turned out! And it was so reasonable.... took some time to make them all but my girlfriends and I did them all on a Friday night over a couple bottles of wine, it was perfect! Our memories of the ocean will linger on, long after our footprints in the sand are gone Deanna and Jimmy Puerto Morelos, Mexico 11.13.2010 Happiness is a summer breeze, sand between your toes and your best friend by your side Deanna and Jimmy Puerto Morelos, Mexico 11.13.2010
  11. I left the basket that I put the parasols there so you guys can use it if you want! I only paid $18 bucks for it at the wicker store! I also left 17 of the beautiful handmade Table Runners there as well as the two trays that were used for the Starfish (that was for our place cards) and I also left a bunch of the bamboo fans if anybody wants them. For those of you who were worried about the STARFISH, I had no issues with the Starfish at all!!! And I brought 225 of them with me! 65 that were like 4-5 inches and 160 that were 3-4 inches! And I also shipped stuff with no problems, I marked it all as "GIFTS". The one thing I did do was send all the welcome bags to everyone house about three weeks before we were leave. Some I mailed and some we just put on peoples doors. It was a hug hit! I got the bags from HomeGoods, they were the decorative ones that is always at the checkout area, They were soooooo Nice. I got two for $1.50, couldn’t beat it! In it I had 2- 4 towels (depending on how many people were going from each family) and a Hangover Helper & Survival Package. We got Brown and Purple Party Bags from Party City and put labels on the outside of the Bag. Here are the labels that we used (got the idea from someone one on here) and the here is the bag we bought for the Hangover Help / Survival package (just the purple one) I bought them at the store. http://www.partycity.com/product/purple+mini+kraft+bag.do?sortby=ourPicks&size=all&from=Search Hangover%20Kit%20Labels[1].doc
  12. I only bought 40 Parasols. None of the guys would use them and my family said they didn't need one. It was more for fun and decor. I did have 130 of the fans though!
  13. Desires had all kinds of cushions around the wall and its a deck area that over looks he explorer kids club. Very Nice! But make sure you spend the money to have lighting out there, there is no lighting at all. I wouldn't worry about much decor, maybe a little in the center, because it is a big circle. Its just a really neat area. Just really needs some lighting out there. I think that would be a great spot for a cocktail! I will post some more photos, it makes it a lot easier to plan and visualize