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  1. Thanks! This gives me a lot of good ideas.
  2. As far as I know we are going with the $20 menu from the Seaside Grill, but we are also paying the fee to rent the Grill out. It took a lot of emailing back and forth but she finally sent us the meal options and we got everything taken care of.
  3. Does anyone have a sample oot bag welcome letter/itinerary or brochure that they would be willing to share. This is the last thing I need to do to complete my oot bags. My wedding is on the 26th at Dreams in Tulum, Mexico. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  4. I thought the sound system is $150 for the ceremony and $240 for the reception. That is according to the wedding guide. You may want to clarify with them because that sounds outrageous. Also, does anyone have a welcome brochure/packet of information for guests that they would be willing to share? I am getting married on the 26th and leaving on the 21st. I plan on putting together something for my oot bags. I found a few cute letters on the other threads but I can't open some of them and others are for other resorts or locations. Any help would be appreciated!
  5. jewlz6678

    Paying For Travel Arrangements??

    We are only paying for ourselves and have no plans of paying for the wedding party. I'm only having 3 bridesmaids and 3 groomsmen but the cost to cover the entire party is just too much. I think most of my wedding party thinks of the destination wedding as an excuse for a vacation anyways. I'm sure by giving plenty of notice to your wedding party no one will be offended. Also, instead of paying their way you could give them a gift of appreciation for being in the wedding such as resort credit to use toward a massage, or you could ensure that the wedding party should not give a wedding gift on top of being apart of the wedding.
  6. jewlz6678

    Newbie to Wedding in Riviera Maya Dreams Resort

    Thank you everyone for the support! I'm very bad with blogging and new to posting so hopefully this site won't be too complicated for me. I will definitely check out the Dreams Tulum thread and probably start posting there soon!
  7. Hi everyone! I am currently in the process of planning my wedding in the Riviera Maya at the Dreams Tulum Resort and Spa. I have a lot to plan before June 26th, 2010 so any help is appreciated! What I know so far is that I am having a pink and green color scheme. I have some ideas for gift bags and favors but I am always open to any suggestions. I've also created a personal wedding page to keep my guests and me on track. Jared & Julie - wedding website by mywedding.com Anyways, I'm excited to join the community and hope to learn a lot from you all!
  8. jewlz6678

    New & Thankful to find suggestions!

    Welcome to the forum! I'm sorta new to this whole thing as well! Hope you find some useful information! Feel free to look at my wedding page at Jared & Julie - wedding website by mywedding.com
  9. jewlz6678

    Dreams newbie

    Jewlz6678 Wedding date: 6/26/10 Location: Dreams Tulum, Mexico