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  1. Gorgeous! Really want to find that stamp you found at Michaels that says "handmade by Yours truly" now!
  2. Bridesmaid Dresses by Bill Levkoff, for a Hawaii wedding. Tip: Call different stores across the country for pricing. We live in TX, but bought these at a store in Raleigh, NC because they were $70 cheaper there! I used Raleigh because I knew someone there and she could pick up all the dresses and ship them to me in one box. Total shipping $15. Definitely worth a few phone calls!
  3. This is what the guys wore at my daughter's wedding @ Hilton Hawaiian Village, Honolulu. JCPenny, linen suits. Very inexpensive. How come the guys always get off so cheap? lol
  4. Becsmom

    Hilton Hawaiian Village Reception Venues

    The great lawn can be very intimate when they set it up. It's really beautiful. Not sure about the roof top garden, if that's where they have the luau, I would skip it. We used the rainbow suites and it was great, but they do book up fast. I have tons and tons of info if you need any help just PM me. Deb
  5. Becsmom

    Planning a wedding in Waikiki/Honolulu

    Hi Jackie, We did a wedding in Honolulu this past June for my daughter and have a ton of info for planning over there. PM me and I'll give you email info etc. I have pictures, vendors, you name it. Would love to help you! Deb
  6. Becsmom

    Wedding stuff for sale after the wedding!

    Everything is gone...wonder how you delete a post..need to do that
  7. Becsmom

    Hilton Hawaiian Village Ocean Crystal Chapel

    Samoana..sent you a PM, have tons of pics to share if you still want to see them.
  8. Becsmom

    Ocean Crystal Chapel @ Hilton Hawaiian Village

    Hey There! We used the rainbow suites. We did all of our own decorating and used the patios (both of them) for the cocktail hour and we set the bar out there for the whole night. It was wonderful. I have a lot of pictures and I'm pretty sure you are already on my FB friends so you should be able to see them there, though now that I think of it, I'm not sure I got all the reception pics loaded yet. Let me know if you can't see them and I'll get them to you! Deb
  9. Becsmom

    Hilton Hawaiian Village Ruined our Wedding!

    I don't know what's wrong with some people. I literally saw this same post in several places, copied and pasted word for word. I find it interesting that there are no details as to what was "ruined", etc. Just a bunch of rambling by someone who probably can't be pleased or had a problem completely unrelated to any wedding. The HHV is in the wedding business and they have it down to an absolute art. They don't get flustered and they strive for perfection. We had one small snafu prior to getting over there for my daughter's wedding, well actually 2, but both were taken care of promptly and with a much better option. 1. The location of our Bridesmaid Breakfast had to be changed because of renovations that someone forgot to tell us would be going on. Another friend on FB knew of the reno's and warned me that it might affect our plans. I called and asked why no one had contacted me and that the new place they wanted us to go was not acceptable. They found another location on the property, gave us tables directly on the edge of the beach and discounted the entire bill for 15 people. It was beautiful!... 2. The 2nd issue was not actually with HHV, but with their Grand Vacations club. Told by a salesperson that my daughter and her new husband would be in a one bedroom condo at the newest tower, they found out the week before they were only going to be assigned a regular room in the hotel. I posted on their FB wall how unprofessional this was and that the only thing they were offered was a refund. I was not happy. They quickly found a condo for them in that nice building and upgraded them to a 2 bedroom ocean front condo. (Honeymooners don't really need two bedrooms...but hey, I guess it was twice the fun!) LOL All in all, check facts before you ever believe anyone who remains anonymous and make sure you get details.
  10. The Bridesmaid dresses are by Bill Levkoff, Bride is wearing Winnie Couture. The stands for the numbers were actually supplied by the Hilton.
  11. Thank you ladies! All the paper was from paperandmore.com just FYI I'm an avid scrapbooker and used to work for Recollections as an instructor in cards/canvases and scrapbook pages so I'm considering actually doing a side business for custom invites/wedding packages. Not sure if I want to do it yet, I love it as a hobby, but if I had a client who was a demanding bridezilla, I might not like it so much! LOL My daughter was super easy, and aside from the fact that she DID NOT want any "theme" per se, she basically said these are the colors and whatever you come up with will be fine. I had her choose fonts from different examples and proof everything, but basically that's it. She wanted it to "fit" a Hawaii wedding, but we weren't allowed to have any "beach stuff"...just casual, and elegant was her request. However, just to tease her, I did put a starfish on her table at the reception...this picture is an example of her reaction, too funny not to share!
  12. Becsmom

    Ocean Crystal Chapel @ Hilton Hawaiian Village

    Service was Fantastic too! Just FYI
  13. Becsmom

    Ocean Crystal Chapel @ Hilton Hawaiian Village

    June, I PM'd you and sent you some info and the pic below of the Ocean Crystal Chapel, I have a ton more though so check your messages and email me
  14. Becsmom

    Hilton Hawaiian Village Ruined our Wedding!

    You posted this same paragraph on a photo I submitted to Hilton Grand Vacations FB page, yet you did it anonymously. If they really ruined your wedding why are you remaining anonymous? They did a magnificent job at my daughter's wedding, customer service was unbelievably fantastic, everything turned into a day of perfection, but prior to going there we had a few snafu's and I also posted on their FB page, but I didn't do it anonymously and they took care of everything in advance for us. I have a hard time believing someone who "won't show their face" so to speak.