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    WC in Nassau Bahamas

    Well I did decided to go with Anna Fox. I actually paid my deposit and reserved the Poop Deck for 6/1/09. Now I have to finish the planning on my end. I'll keep yall updated.
  2. blaqfyah

    WC in Nassau Bahamas

    I am also looking for a wedding coordinator. I have contacted Wedding in the Bahamas, Annas Fox of Annas Wedding Planning Service, and Paulete of Amour Affairs. Annas Wedding planning seems to always get back to me very quickly and we had an amazing initail planning session. Im still going to follow up with the others. Hopefully they will impress me like Anna did. I'll keep yall posted.
  3. blaqfyah

    Poop Deck Restaurant - Nassau

    Hello, I also am about 85% sure that I will be having my wedding at the Poopdeck. Who was your wedding corrdinator? How were they. Any issues?
  4. blaqfyah

    Bahama Bride

    Hey, Here is my introduction. Carline AKA Blaqfyah 6/1/2010 Nassau Bahamas It will be a cruise wedding. Only thing booked is the cruise. Trying to finish plan everything else.