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  1. Can someone send it to me too please....kdnicholer00@yahoo.com
  2. I looked into it but noticed that they are i montego bay and not sure how I feel about that ride. Any places in ocho rios?
  3. Just so you know sandart price matches for the boxes that are 7 x 2" x 2". I found some onine for $.12!!!!
  4. kdnicholer

    Appleton Rum Favors

    I have not had my wedding yet but I was at the ROR in may and did a little shopping. The rum is VERY VERY cheap at the stores. Not only that they work with you and if they know you are purchasing a large amount they will give you a good deal. Never pay the price that is listed on the bottle. We bout the large bottles to take home for $15, and would imagine you can get the small ones for a really good price.
  5. kdnicholer

    ROR Ceremony ! Help!!

    That is correct there are alot of brides there fand just imagine how many emails and calls she is getting and if I'm not mistaken there is only one of her. I'm sure she will get back to you and just search here for all your answers, it may take some time but I'm sure you will find the answers. Good luck with everything!
  6. kdnicholer

    ROR Cakes?

    Thank you very much that helps out a lot!!
  7. kdnicholer

    ROR Cakes?

    I have not had my wedding yet but I read in a forum that it was pointless to upgrade becasue after everyone ate, lots passed on the cake. I do have a email for the cake person that works with the rui if you wanted to upgrade. I got it from chadelyn. Ill email it to you!
  8. kdnicholer

    Back from Wedding at ROR - Now a Mrs. Yay!

    Congrats and can't wait to see the photos!!
  9. kdnicholer

    Legal Jamaica wedding?

    Its legal I received a email from the wedding coordinator last night about it. Im still getting married in court though to be safe
  10. kdnicholer


    Of course I dont recall the website but I went to ROR in may 2009 and it was not half of that. You have to call every one out there to get the best rates. I think I may have called 20-25 TA and as a result we got the room booked for $85 a night. NO JOKE. And another thing rates normally come out around november, not sure when the wedding is but wait until then because the rates will be alot cheaper! sometimes continental airlines have great package deals