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  1. I was just married at the Gran Bahia Punta Cana. I stayed in the Royal Golden section but some of my guests stayed in the Ambar section. They really enjoyed the rooms and the amenities that were included in that section of the resort. The resort itself is huge and you can always find a place to eat, sit, drink and tan. Which ever resort you choose I'm sure that you'll have a great holiday. Ky
  2. Hi ladies, I was just married at the Gran Bahia on November 30th. We had the private reception at the Piscis snack bar restaurant with the garden grill menu. The food was actually really good. We had the ceasar salad, louisiana corn chowder, barbeque chicken with veggies and the pineapple cobbler for dessert. We went with a menu that would be agreeable to the most number of guests. We had had a few meals at the resort before our meeting with our wedding planner Patricia ( she's awesome!!!) and decided that the DR really knows how to do chicken. Serioulsy tasty chicken down there...it must all be free range. When we had our meeting Patricia let us pick and choose what items we wanted off the Garden menu. I didn't know that was an option until we got to the resort. The resort does an excellent job of hosting weddings. Relax, enjoy and let Patricia and Jasmin handle everything as they are wonderful. Ky
  3. Thanks for that question that is one thing that I have been thinking about today too. I have just emailed two photographers for a price list....here's to hoping they don't break the budget.
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    Hi everyone, I've been reading this forum for a few months and thought that I should finally register. I'm getting married on November 28, 2009 at the Bahia Principe, Punta Cana. Looking forward to getting more ideas and support from this great web site.
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    Welcome to site. I hope that you enjoy the forums as much as I do