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    Disco/DJ option at RMB

    Wow, we were just down at the end of August and they still had the disco. Sherika even told us that it was an option to rent it out. I hope this isn't true because we had wanted to rent it out for ourselves.
  2. drucky14

    RMB Wedding Package Question

    Yes we did email the WC but she told us our only two options were the beach reception or the Mahoe Bay Steakhouse. We actually asked for the Italian Restaurant and were shot down. She told us we could do that if it was only 2-4 of us eating. Geralyn, do we need to let them know now or should we just wait until we get down there to change our package?
  3. Hi everyone, I tried to look this up, but didn't find anything so I have this question. We are confirmed for the Royal Package, but after our site visit, we felt how hot is would be for the reception at the steakhouse. We tried to ask if we could have it at one of the other restaurants because we have some people with health problems that cannot sit in the heat for too long, and we were told we could not. Since then, my FI and I have talked about downgrading to the Classic (includes minister and judge fees) and just having our wedding dinner (not reception) in Rose Hall. OK, finally to my question: Are we able to downgrade our package? I know you can upgrade with no problem, but I don't know about downgrading.
  4. We absolutely loved it there. While we were down, we also stood by and watched 2 weddings, and they looked fantastic too! I'm glad we got the chance to go down ahead of time just so we could experience it for ourselves. Now we can answer any of our guests questions if they have them. Everything was set up well and we were treated like royalty the whole time. The food was great and the entertainment was...well entertaining. And Sherika seems like the nicest person, she really listened to us as we asked her our questions.
  5. Hello! My FI and I went to the resort for a visit two weeks ago and met with Sherika. She told us that the minimum you need is 40 people, and it's $55 a head. As far as your other questions, I really don't know, but there are some thread with the beach party pictures if you want to try and look at them to see how it is set up. Good luck!
  6. drucky14

    Jamaica0619's RMB Long Wedding Review

    Thank you for the review. The beach reception looks great, I'm going to try and convince my FI to do that!!
  7. We've had our group rate booked for more than a month now, and we only have two people booked so far. Then again like Royal lady says, the wedding is still quite a ways off. I don't really much care who comes either, less people to worry about when we're in Jamaica.
  8. drucky14

    Please give me your opinions...So mad!

    I agree with Kristy. Let him know that it's your wedding and there were people you couldn't invite and if you were able to invite more, it'd be the people you left out in the first place. I also agree that it's rude for people to think they deserve to be somewhere they weren't invited in the first place. Your FI brother will get over it. I have three brothers myself and we don't stay mad at each other for very long.
  9. drucky14

    Island Time

    I agree with the island time. About 3 weeks ago I emailed the WC and I still have yet to hear back from her. But since our wedding isn't until next June, there is no real hurry. As for when we get there, you're all absolutely correct. It's vacation time and there is no hurry for anything.
  10. Your pictures are beautiful! Everything looks like it was great. Congratulations!!
  11. Congratulations!! It sounds like everything went very well and you all had such a great time. Your pictures are beautiful as well. Reading these reviews makes me so much more excited to get our wedding under way. Only about 10 months to go though One question I do have is, how hot was it? My FI (I'm the groom by the way) is so worried that she'll be so hot that all of her make up will run and ruin our pictures. Congratulations again!!
  12. drucky14

    For those of you who used Air Jamaica

    I just emailed Air Jamaica's group department this afternoon to try and see what kind of deal they'll offer me. We have quite some time before the wedding, but I'd like to let everyone know just how much the airfare will be on top of the resort price. I'm hoping that they give me an offer I can't refuse!!
  13. Thank you for the post! My FI already has a lot of these things taken care of. But then again, she's an insane planner!!
  14. Some very excellent tips in here. We'll be sure to use many of them!
  15. drucky14

    Feedback on Riu All Inclusive Resorts

    I've stayed at one in the Bahamas and really enjoyed it. We are heading to Montego Bay at the end of August for a visit before we get married there, but everyone seems to have enjoyed that as well.