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  1. Ladies I leave in 3 days for EDR!!!! I can't believe how fast it went! I just finished packing and I fit all of the wedding stuff we are bringing down into 2 suitcases! A lot cheaper than shipping it down ahead of time...only $50 dollars What is everyone putting in their welcome bags? I have some things already but it looks like they need a bit more in them...so I guess I'll grab some stuff down there Let me know what you are doing!!!
  2. Anyone have any ideas of how much to tip? I was thinking DJ Duremix, my wedding coordinator, bartenders for wedding reception...etc...any help would be great! We leave in 2 weeks
  3. LaurenV-I know 22 days! So excited! I never did a site visit all the planning was through email and phone calls. I have to say I was always on top of my WC and basically I was always a few steps ahead visualizing every detail and asking tons of questions
  4. Hola! We are also having the mexican donkey cocktail party after our ceremony and since we have so many guests we are getting the 20% discount on private events I wanted a lot of mexican appetizers so I chose them myself here is what we are having! chicken brochettes with mole sauce jalepeno poppers mini crab cakes guacamole salsa chicken and veggie chimichangas beef tacos seafood ceviche scallops I think we paid $20 a person including the discount on private events!!
  5. jennib--did the makeup lady have fake eyelashes for you to use I really want them and I have no idea if they do Also, what kind of makeup did they use on you? I was thinking of bringing some MAC makeup but not sure if I need to. Thanks!
  6. jennib-can't wait for your full review!! did you make your hair/spa appoinments before you went? Thanks Lauren (I FB you too )
  7. Alaplaya--I'm looking forward to your review when you get back!! We are getting married on July 16th and also staying in an invidual casita. Is there a better section to ask for? I'm not really happy about this salty water!
  8. My bridesmaids will be staying with me the night before in my casita suite and my fiance will be staying with the groomsmen
  9. Hi LaurenV- Carolina is my wedding coordinator from Lomas...you just have to explain to her how you want things...and be in constant contact. Let me know if you have any questions
  10. Dimplz I'm so glad to hear the food was great at the BBQ deluxe!!! I can see how stressful it must have been not to have everything you have planned go smoothly! I will be taking my emails with me thanks for the tip! Your pictures are beautiful!!!!! I can't wait to read your full review
  11. Yay Dimplz!! Congrats!!!! I can't wait to read your review and see your pictures!! I am dying to know how the food was at El Cocotal for our rehearsal dinner as we are doing the same thing....(and what your choices were). Also how about the BBQ deluxe Worth it?? Good, Bad, wish you would have added something to it? How was DJ Duremix? And lastly....anything you wish you would have done differently? I'm so happy to hear how beautiful the resort was!!!!!!!!! Congrats again
  12. I sent my WC a picture of the bouquets and they were able to do it very cheap. I also am having my bouquet wrapped in palm leaves and tied with twine and they were able to do that also For the parents I am giving the moms a wrist crosage and the dads a boutineer. I'm not giving any other family flowers in order to keep the cost down.
  13. Jenn--we are going with the free wedding package and staying in the casita and then building upon it what are you thinking of doing?
  14. jennib-which room did you go with? When are you getting married at EDR? All the details are adding up the cost for me also
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