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  1. I just got married at MLD in May...and we LOVED it!! We took down 50 of our guests and everyone (except a few picky never able to please) absolutely loved it as well. I say everything is what you make of it. The food if good..we ate well every single day, so are the drinks...the coffee at the lobby bar is to die for! The beach is the most beautiful I have ever seen or been in. The wedding coordinators are great they know what they're doing. We had Maria Elena and we can't say enough great things about her and how she took care of everything for our wedding. We got married at the gazebo and our pictures came out sooo beautifully. So if this is where you're thinking of getting married, you won't be disappointed!
  2. My AHR is on August 1st and I finally have my total guest count and number of tables that I'm going to have for centrepieces... Does anyone know where I can find inexpensive, but tall glass vases? Floral supplies and flowers?? I'm having a very hard time finding a place that won't charge an arm or a leg for these things, or some won't sell to the public? Please help!!
  3. SpringBride, yes I was so torn between the 2 and I'm happy that I went with Las Dunas. I'm sure Playa Pesquero is an amazing resort also. It came down to the $$ and Las Dunas was more affordable. I'm sure you're going to have a beautiful wedding on May 3, 2010! :wink: :wink: Good Luck to you too!!
  4. Meli, Where did you order your mugs from?? I'm looking for ones to put in my oot bags, but can't find anything? Also, do you have any pictures of them??
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by jstar83 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- hey i though it would be neat to see whos getting married at the MLD in 2010 and so on, to help each other out with maybe sharing a photographer, for advice, sharing of deco, your something borrowed, or whatever it may be... post your wedding date and time JANUARY FEBRUARY MARCH APRIL Melani & Wyman April 28 @ MAY Anandie & Peter May 3 @ 1:30pm Amanda & Adam May 4th @ 3;00 Jessica & Jason May 4th @ 4;30 JUNE JULY AUGUST SEPTEMBER OCTOBER NOVEMBER DECEMBER I can't marry myself (hehe)
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by Barrierunner Just wanted to verify with anyone else that may know this. We are told that we have to be in Cuba three working days prior to the wedding. I'm booked to get married on a Wednesday at 4pm. Does the Wednesday count as a third day? Can I arrive to Cuba on the weekend and be ok or do I have to arrive on the Friday and the Wednesday is actually day 4 because it is stated to be in Cuba 3 days prior to the wedding? It's confusing to me. Thanks! I think you have to be there 2 days before your wedding. I'm getting there on Saturday and getting married on Monday. I If you arrive on Saturday or Sunday, you should be fine to get married on Wednesday.
  7. We're doing an AHR, so I'm going to see if I can get Cuban coffee, and buying little coffee scoopers. I was going to package the coffee separately in plain coffee bags, getting personalized labels and pasting them on the bags, and then giving the coffee and scooper together as a favour. That's for here though. In Cuba, I would love to do a tray of Cuban cigars...I think that would be a great idea!
  8. I signed up for the card, but how do I get points on it from my booking? Do I have to wait until the trip is paid for and then call them to add points on? Or do I have to book with them? If that's the case, I can't get any points because we're booking with a TA. I'm confused?
  9. Cuba is one of the safest countries you can visit. Think about it, how many tourists have you heard about being murdered in Cuba?? ZERO! How many have you heard about in Mexico?? Several (Just 1 is too many...anyone remember the couple from Woodbridge, Ontario that were murdered in their room in their 5 star resort in Mexico) When we were looking for a destination, Cuba was our #1 choice. We knew our guests would be safe there, and have an amazing vacation. I have an aunt and uncle flying to Cuba from NY. They're meeting us in Toronto, and then we're all flying together. I don't anticipate any problems!
  10. I think it's worth the extra money to bring your own photographer. When you look at the pictures from a resort photographer and a professional, there really is no comparison. I guess it really depends on how important your pictures are to you (which I would think they're very important to every bride) and the types of pictures you want. I found my photographer through 2 other amazing brides on this site. I just saw their signature looking to share a photographer, and responded. Now i'm looking forward to meeting both of them and having some drinks on the beach!
  11. I love my tattoos and have no problem with showing them...but I have just 1 on my arm that I don't want in my wedding pictures. I've had most of them since I was 18 and the one on my arm is my zodiac sign (looks like 69 so I've been told). I love them but just want the one covered for my pics that's all
  12. Hey Ladies, Does anyone have any ideas on how to cover up tattoos?? I have one on both of my arms, my breast and my neck just to name a few...and I'm trying to figure out how i'm going to cover them up (at least one or two) I looked at a couple of videos on you tube, but can't seem to get them to look right. Not to mention that I don't want to get make up on my wedding dress I'm trying to come up with some solutions now so I don't end up waiting until the last moment to figure out what to do. My DH has already suggested that I get them PERMANENTLY removed ...but I said "over my dead body" Any suggestions would be helpful
  13. We struggled for a long time with an AHR. We originally wanted to only do a reception after the ceremony, but after talking to our parents and grandparents we saw how important it was to them for us to have one. So we're getting married in May 2010, and having our AHR August 1, 2010. We wanted to have it earlier but there weren't any days available. Now that we look at it, i'm glad we're deciding to do one.
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