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  1. Mich&Adam, thanks for the info! I knew about those three sites so I am glad I wans't missing something. I wouldn't even mind paying extra to have some sort of walkway made. haha how bratty of me jeez! Would you be able to send me the e-mail Veronica sent you with flowers, pictures and what not? That woman is IMPOSSIBLE to get a hold of!! The Riveria Maya is just so beautiful and affordable!
  2. Shocka could you please send them to me too?! I am at rhiannon_bs@hotmail.com Thank you!!
  3. Thanks so much Josh for all of that information. I guess I will wait till you get back with photos I am still so unsure of what to do!
  4. Hi Everyone! Congrats to all of the Majestic Brides. What an exciting time! My fiance and I currently have our date on hold for November 27th, 2010 (so far away!) but we also have another hotel reserved in the Riveria Maya; we are a little torn between locations and was hoping past and present brides would be willing to help us out! They main thing I am concerned with is having the ceremony and reception location that fit and look right. I am a big environment girl and like to make sure the surroundings of the place we pick will fit right, look good and make our guests feel special (this sounds so silly but I hope someone understands what I am saying!) With that being said, what can everyone tell me about the reception locations available at the Majestic Elegance? We originally picked the Parrot Bar but dislike the round trellace the goes overtop. We also were interested in a beach reception but are thinking that the wind will be too strong and we want to avoid paying $300 extra for a dance floor to be put in. I know Jodi, a past bride here, said the Steak House was a great option. But her pictures were from dinner INSIDE. Josh, yours from the Steak House look to be outside under a much larger trellace. Can anyone clarify?? If anyone could let me know my options for a reception plus names of those places and PICTURES I would be so so grateful! This will really help our deciding process if we could get a visual. The coordinators aren't the best of helps o I figured you fab friends would be My e-mail is rhiannon_bs@hotmail.com. xo much love! Rhiannon
  5. Hey Ladies! Congrats to all the Excellence Brides! My fiance and I are currently torn between two resorts; The Excellence and then the Elegance in Punta Cana, Dominican. We like to Excellence because it is adults only and the flights will be cheaper than flights to DR but other than that we are completely torn. So I was wondering if any brides in this group, married or engaged could help us out Since the wedding coordinators at the hotel aren't very clear in their e-mails or with getting back to us, what are our options for receptions? We are currently set with a ceremony at the beach and then the reception at the space with the open sides and covered top (we weren't given a name for this place just pictures but it is NOT the foyer area). However, I am 5'1 and my fiance is over 6'3. I need to wear heels! Plus I love heels So really I would like to avoid walking down a sand aisle is possible. But if I do a off-sand ceremony and an on the beach reception I heard it is much too windy. We don't mind paying the difference to reach the 50 maximum required for a beach reception but WOW can you tell we are so lost?! Suggestions anyone? If anyone can provide me with names, locations and PICTURES of our ceremony and recpetion locations I would be forever grateful!! My e-mail is rhiannon_bs@hotmail.com. It's usually easier to use outside e-mail!! Thanks everyone. You're all too kind! xo Rhiannon
  6. Hi Everyone! I am a newbie to this post I had originally started planning our wedding in the DR at the Majestic Elegance but am now looking to switch to the DR Aventuras Resort and Spa. I think it will be more affordable for our guests and photog who we will be paying to travel. So here are my questions I hope you can all help me with (feel free to PM, I promise I will get back to you!!) 1) For those of you who got married here, was it worth it?! 2) What are the reception and ceremony locations? 3) Can anyone send pictures to me? rhiannon_bs@hotmail.com 4) What is the average price for 5 nights at the resort plus airfare? 5) If there is anything else I should know please do share!! I can't wait to hear back from all you gorgeous brides and brides to be Thanks guys!! xo Rhiannon
  7. Re: Majestic Colonial or Elegance Brides Post Here -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UPCOMING MAJESTIC BRIDES: JULY 2009 Greg and Kat - July 29, 2009 AUGUST 2009 Melwhip- Aug 3, 2009 OCTOBER 2009 khomac - October 22, 2009 cgf - October 27, 2009 NOVEMBER 2009 lscilley- Nov 16, 2009 andime85- Nov 24, 2009 majesticbride - Nov 24, 2009 DECEMBER 2009 *~Tara~* - December 7, 2009 SunnyCherries - Dec 8, 2009 xcandilkx-Dec 31, 2009 JANUARY 2010 mskcard77- January 9,2010 CityDryms - January 2010 trance angelxOx- Jan 19, 2010 FEBRUARY 2010 newbride - February 3, 2010 MARCH 2010 erinsny24 - March 27, 2010 Anna_C - March 26, 2010 APRIL 2010 livinlife - April 20th, 2010 liujessicam - April 22nd, 2010 MAY 2010 MexicoBeachBride2010 - May 18, 2010 NOVEMBER 2010 Rhiannonbs - Majestic elegance, November 27th, 2010 To update the list, copy and paste this message into your own reply and be sure to add or change your name! Congrats Majestic Brides!
  8. I had a girlfriend get married at the Colonial this past May. She said it was fab. But we are looking to do ours at the Elegance, it looks nicer!! Doesn't seem like there are TOO many differences...
  9. I'm Rhiannon and I'm newbie so hi Let's see... Date: November 27th, 2010 Place: We're torn! Majestic Elegance or Excellence Riveria Cancun Any help would be great! Talk soon xo
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