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  1. A coworker of my FI recommended to us Las Carmelitas as it supposedly has the best veiws. Here are some links to reviews. Basically great views but overpriced for the food (you are paying for the sunset) Gorgeous view; Otherwise not worth it - Review of Las Carmelitas, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - TripAdvisor Las Carmelitas Review | Puerto Vallarta | Fodor's Restaurant Reviews Las Carmelitas in Puerto Vallarta Mexico Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - Best Vantage Point: Las Carmelitas
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by jmmercer Hey Jess, I don't have enough points to open your attachment, don't have time to get enough I suppose! Could you please send me the contract template to my email at email address removed? Thanks!!! Jaclyn Clearly I am a noob still and just don't have the time to read allo the rules nor get enough points to open attachments. Sorry ladies!
  3. PV Florists: Flowers To Go sales@flowerstogovallarta.com Tel. 52 (322) 223 5686 Rodolfo Gomez 126, Zona Romántica (Emiliano Zapata) Puerto Vallarta, Jal. México C.P. 48380.QUOTE] I saw this list also and sent out a blast email. I heard back from Flowers to Go with great prices; much cheaper than Dreams!! They are currently on vacation but will be back in two weeks and will send photos of some centerpieces they have done. A peso is currently worth approximately .08 cents. Here is their email: Good morning, thanks for contact Us and here is the info You requested : gerber daysies as many as You want and need and in any color are available , this cost 15.00 pesos each ; lilies We have red, pink , yellow, peach, orange and white without fragance and the price is 40.00 pesos each , We have a different kind of lili wich is bigger in size and with a lovely fragance and the colors are white, pink -hot and pale- and a lily called concord lily wich is the biggest lily and with a strog frangance and the price for these is 60-70.00 pesos each stem. ; birds of paradise cost 25.00 each they are as tall as You want them and they are available all year round. about the mixed flowers we have any kind of alstromerias, daysies, mums, etc. and roses We can have any color You like. The bridemaids bouquets cost 350.00 pesos each, and they are made of any flowers You pick, except orchids ; the hair pieces cost 120 to 150.00 pesos each . rose petals as many as You want . Centerpieces with lilies, fillers, roses, etc. cost 200.00 pesos each and the size is around 25 cm - less than 1 foot tall and the width depends of the size of the table, but the price is the same. About your question ; yes, We delivery to Dreams hotel at the time You need them, We take credit and debit cards and, If You have more questions, please let Us know. It will be a pleasure to help You with the flowers of your wedding and, again, thanks so much for contact Us. Best regards, Gerardo, Bob and Lorena, your team at Flowers To Go in Puerto Vallarta. Hope this helps! Jaclyn
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by Future Mrs. Griffith Jamie, I have an update 2009 version of the contract Rebeca sent me if it will be of any help to you. It is from when we were originally going to get married Dec. 18th, so it has 2009 prices. All you have to do is update it how you want it, print it and bring it with you. Hope it helps!! Jess, I LOVE your bachelorette pic! It looks like you had soo much fun! Hey Jess, I don't have enough points to open your attachment, don't have time to get enough I suppose! Could you please send me the contract template to my email at email address removed? Thanks!!! Jaclyn
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by autjo Hi girls. I attached the 09 wedding info from Rebeca that includes a picture of the World Terrace reception setup. Although it is next to the buffet the reception would be plated. It is also not as private as the beach or Las Palmas. Hi Autumn, I don't have enough points to open the Dreams 09 attachment. Would you mind sending it to me at email address removed? Also, if you have the 2009 price sheet I'd love to see that as well. Thanks a million! Jaclyn
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by autjo So this is kinda off topic, but I was thinking about starting a Star Fish Passing for the Dreams PV girls. Same thing as the other ones that are floating around on the forum, but since a lot of us overlap in the next couple of months it might be easier to get it to one another. What do you girls think? I'll start a new thread and get one ordered with a cute little log book. Any takers? Great idea! Let me know what I can do to help with this. =) Jaclyn
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by Future Mrs. Griffith I thought $15 per chair was pretty silly too! With almost 45 predicted guests the last thing I want to spend $675 on is chairs and like Jill said who will really remember the chairs! And I think Rebeca said that for the centerpieces, the $55 is just for the flowers unless the candles are incorporate with the centerpiece, she sent me some pics where they were. But I could totally be wrong. I know she did quote me $80 for tealights around the pool, which to me is TOTALLY silly since I can buy 100 for $5 at Ikea. But I think I am going to suck it up for the $55 for the centerpieces since I don't see myself lugging stuff down there for the centerpieces and then wanting to lug it back. Jill can't wait to see the pics of your welcome bags!! My fiance wants to wait to make them until we are down there so we don't have to carry all the stuff down there which is totally making me panic but I am going to see how I feel closer to the wedding! Hey Jessica, For our OOT bags we have bought half the stuff here and will go into town prior to our families arriving and buy local goodies as well. To make it easier to pack, we aren't going to assemble the bags until we are at Dreams. My mom is going to divvy up the items that will go in each male/female bag. She will then place all the small items per bag in zip lock bags to pack on the plane. Once we arrive at Dreams will will spend a few hours unloading the zip locks into each bag and adding the larger contents as well. Shouldn't take too long or be too much of a hassel plus it will be much easier to pack for the plane ride down. Good luck on this! Jaclyn
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by Future Mrs. Griffith Jill, Rebeca sent me a price list that says the "tiffany chairs" are an extra $15 per chair. And then there are two decor packages that include the chairs. I will attach it just so you can see it for yourself. Wow, I have been gone for a week and there were over 30 new posts to catch up on! Hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day weekend and got some time to relax before all of our big days!!! =D I'll be replying to several of these posts in the next few minutes... Regarding the tiffany chairs; I was told back in the beginning of the year the cost was $6 each. Love how their prices keep changing. Even at $6 though with over 70 people that adds up for something that no one will remeber as y'all said. Other than my FI who totally wants them... I swear I think he wants to be the bride and plan all the decor and spend way over budget!! Jaclyn
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by Jess Ladies - I'll be at Dreams on September 10th for a site visit! Let me know if anyone needs me to check anything out Hi Jess, Wish I could go on a site check as well; relieve some of the stress from not knowing and having no control over here! =P If possible, can you please bring back the current schedule for their nightly activities... day, theme and time? Also, the current schedule for the restaurants? Which night each restaurant is open and from what time? I don't trust their website and Rebeca has mentioned out of dates items regarding the wedding info. Thanks a million and have fun! Jaclyn
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by Ckrn80 I think I read $20, but I was told to bring a fake flower for my hair because it wilts so easily in the heat...... Thanks for the info! Do you know yet where you are getting your fake flower?
  11. Has anyone had any experience or know anything about freeze dried petals? Would they work to cover the wedding aisle and possilby on the tables? I am wondering if they would look good/hold up for the wedding if I got them a few weeks beforehand. And I don't know whether freeze-drying holds the color and shape? I am getting married on the beach in November. Please help if you can!! Thanks! Jaclyn
  12. I am wearing my long hair down and wavy/curly. I am thinking of an orchid about 2.5in behind my right ear. I think a lily would be too bid and overpowing. Does anyone have any ideas, suggestions, photos, etc? Thanks! Jaclyn
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by J&MWedding Have you checked out the other options on this forum, there is a thread under Wedding Attire for hair flowers? I bought mine off etsy and I'm thrilled about it!!! It was $19.99 plus $2 or whatever for shipping and it turned out amazing! The lady who made mine was butterfly enchantress on etsy.com just a thought.... Thanks for sharing Jill. I just went to your thread (clearly I need to get out and browse more of these threads!!) and your flower is beautiful. I am going to check out butterfly enchantress right now!
  14. That is a beautiful hair flower! I bought a few things from etsy so I will check out butterfly enchantress. I was thinking I wanted the real deal but at $30 a pop and for me and my three bridesmaids I think I would rather a silk flower that we can all keep and possibly even wear again! Thanks for sharing Jill.
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