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  1. I'm getting amrried at Excellence Riviera Cancun. The Cruise is for Excellence Playa Mujeres not Excellence Riviera Cancun. It used to be for ERC but they changed it to EPM. Not sure why both places don't have it.
  2. If we had children going we probably would have gone for Dreams Riviera Cancun.
  3. If you are not having any kids then Excellence. I've seen photos of Dreams RC and while it looks good the beach seems quite crowded and with a lot of kids around. The Excellence wedding packages are cheaper than Dreams. Also the cost of each additional guest at Dreams is over US$90 (if you go for the cocktail hour and dinner) whereas at Excellence it's US$45 per extra guest. I think it's even an extra US$5 per additonal guest for the wedding cake. If you go for the Silver or Gold package at Dreams but qualify for the free wedding, you don't just pay the extra cost like at Excellence (i.e. at Excellence you pay US$650 to upgrade from the free wedding to the Silver package (US$1,500-$US850). At dreams the Excellence of Love (Silver) package is US$2,060. If you qualify for the free wedding but decide to go for teh silver package you need to pay the full US$2,060). Dreams is cheaper for the accommodation though. The restaurants and service will be great at Dreams. Excellence has 2 weddings maximum per day. Usually one in the morning and one about 4-5pm. I like the lay out of Excellence a lot more but that's just personal preference. Excellence seems to have secluded spots on the resort whereas Dreams seems more like open plan. I am biased towards Excellence however. Both choices will be great.
  4. Where are you getting married? www.beaches4less.co.uk Nic Barnes is really good. I highly recommend them. We're getting married at Excellence Riviera Cancun in Mexico and the price on Expedia.co.uk is about 1.5 times the price we paid.
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by scrose I'm getting married on a Friday...wonder what the show is that night? How do you know? email Yamina, she should be able to let you know what shows/special dinners are on each night.
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by HoustonBride10/31/10 Does anyone know if we can travel with sparklers to Mexico? Thanks! No, you can't even take a party poppa. Sorry. You could maybe email the wedding coordinator and ask if they know of any places in Cancun that have sparklers.
  7. Sorry to hear about your Mum. At least you still have a great time.
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by Sheen811 Hi V, Congrats and welcome for the forum. I can't seem to find the upgrades list Ramon sent me but i do remember that if you choose the gold wedding package each additional guest over 20 will cost $45 pp. Hi, If you send me a private message with your email address I'll email the price list to you.
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by Sheen811 I was just advised that i can have fire pits on the beach and have appetizers and cocktails served. I'm just waiting on them to get back to me with pricing if i need to pay extra for this. Let me know if anyone else is interested and i'll share the info once received. Hi, Did you receive any information back frmo Ramon?
  10. I agree - go the way you want to go and have it outside....if it rains then you have the Spice at a back up....and not a bad back up either.
  11. I sent an email to Ramon yesterday and got a very quick reply. I replied to say thanks and then he sent me a 'check list'. I didn't even ask for it which is great. He seems to be a really nice guy. I also sent an email to the Spa asing for a price list as the price list they have on their website doesn't include Hair Styling etc. They replied the same day. I think Ramon is very busy for a few days on end at certain times so I really think he does his best to answer questions. I can sense that when our wedding day comes closer he'll start to email me more.....without me emailing him. I can't wait. I wish it was now. I'm really excited to say the least. I can sent this check list and spa prices on to anyone if they'd like.
  12. Any other October 2010 brides/grooms out there? There seems to be quite a lot at Excellence Playa Mujeres.
  13. August will be fine. I wish I was there this August
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by Treenbean2011 Does anyone know where I need to get an apostille letter from? I know that it is issued by the secretary of state, but I do not know if if can be obtained from the state I live in or the state I was born in. Though I think there are only two of us having a legal ceremony as of now. Hi, I'll try and have a look for you. I'm guessing that you will need to get it done in the State you were born in. We had ours done in Slovakia and New Zealand. It was very easy. I'm sure all you will have to do is send away the birth certificates and ask them to Apostille it (they will probably have a form which will be easy to fill out). Sorting out the legal stuff to have a Legal Wedding in Mexico seems relatively straight forward. I know a few people that had to do quite a lot to get married in another country than their own. I'm glad we don't have to prove that we have not been married before like in quite a few countries.
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by Treenbean2011 the last review I read on Tripadvisor was very positive, especially about Ramon. It was a few weeks ago though. He has been very helpful to me so far and responds in a very timely manner. Especially considering that April through July are the busiest months for him as well I have nothing but positive thins to say about Ramon. i understand your concern and frustration. I am sure everything will be fine. Just remember that you are marrying the love of your life and nothing will be able to tarnish your day. Every review that mentions Ramon (other than the last one on trip advisor I read) have been very positive about Ramon. I'm sure that he will be great.