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  1. It was great! I loved the Kaanapali shores. It was a great choice for us because our guests could choose their room type based on their budget. We were only a few minutes drive from Whalers Village and about 10 from Lahaina. There was a grocery store across the street from the resort. Prior to us going I contacted reservations to request that we all get renovated rooms and we all did.
  2. So last night I wrote a long review of my wedding. This morning I had a message it was removed. I didn't realise that everything changed on how reviews were done while I was away. I don't know if I will get around to searing out each vendor to add my review. If anyone has any questions about the following vendors please PM me. Precious Maui Wedding Marbelle Photography Kula Botanical Gardens Ruths Chris Steakhouse Here is a link to my wedding photo's. http://www.marbelle.com/iGallery/10-10-19/index.html
  3. Hi Vaneska, I just posted my review and I have included a link to my photo's. let me know if you have any questions.
  4. Hi Vaneska, I just got Maui'd a few weeks ago and I was able to do the whole wedding day including the reception for 23 people for under $4000. I used Deanne from Precious Maui Weddings. I paid $1500 for my package and that included, the minster, photographer with 36 printed photos, my bouquet, my MOH bouquet, 2 bouteniers, 2 lei's, in room hair and make up for me and my MOH. We got married in Kula Botanical Gardens and had to pay for everyone's admission as well as chairs and set up and that was included in the package rate as well. We paid an additional $300 to Marbelle Photography for the digital negatives and the rights to print them. She took over 240 pictures. Our reception was at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse in Lahaina and for 23 people the bill for the food was $1800. We paid for drinks as well and that came to around $400. So I definatley think you can do it for under $7000.
  5. Never mind. She called me this morning. All is good and I am getting married tomorrow! Thanks to all of the other brides on here who have helped with questions over the last year.
  6. My wedding is on Tuesday and my wedding coordinator won't return my calls. I'm using Deanne from precious Maui weddings. 2 weeks ago she told me to call her when I arrived and we would finalize times. So I left her a message on Friday and again this morning (Sunday) and she hasn't called me back. I only have the number on her website. Does anyone have her cell number? I am starting to freak out and don't know what to do.
  7. I'm having mine in November at the Queensland community center. Its $400 to rent the hall and $100 for cleaning. We're doing our own food and decorating.
  8. vacationsrthebest I love your hair flower. Where did you get it?
  9. Â I feel your fustration. Our wedding is less than 8 weeks away and everyone who said they would book has except for my fiances parents. They have been dragging their feet the whole time. The wedding is in Hawaii and they live in Australia so its not like its something you book last minute. My fiance keeps telling me that they always wait to do things last minute and that they will be there but its still fustrating. We got engaged last June and have had the wedding booked since last August. I've been pretty calm and easy going through the whole planning but this issue has brought out a lot of emotions in me. Â
  10. Hi Everyone, I need some help. I want to have a fake flower with some jewels on it in my hair for the wedding, or some type of jeweled comb. I have looked at a ton on ebay and etsy but for something like this I want to see it in person before buying it. I've been into a few bridal salons here in Calgary but they are all over priced. Has anyone found any good accessory stores here that would have what I'm looking for?
  11. I have Marbelle booked as my photographer. I contacted her about buying the negatives on a disk and she quoted me $300. I've heard that someone else from Precious Maui Weddings was quoted $100. But I was told it depends on which package you book. I'm not having a videographer but someone else on here used Marbelle before for it and was happy with the video.
  12. Natalie - The lanterns are 8 inches high and do have hooks on them so you can hang them. They all have flower prints on them but there were two different light blue ones, pink, and yellow. I tried posting a pick but for some reason my computer isn't down loading it. I'll try again later.
  13. Sorry I couldn't make it Thursday. Maybe next month. Just thought I would let everyone know of my great find. I'm getting married in Maui and our AHR is going to be more of a party than a formal reception. So we are going to have a Hawaiian BBQ theme to it. Anyways I found these great paper lanters at Dollar Giant on Heritage and MacLeod. They are battery operated and light up. Only $1.25 each. They are a lot cheaper than anything I have seen online. They have a flat plastic base so I am going to have them as my center pieces.
  14. We're staying at the Aston Kaanapali Shores this October and we got a good rate. I'm also using Deanne from Precious Maui weddings and she has been great. Do you want to get married on the beach? From what I have been told all of the beaches are public and you can get married on them but if another wedding is taking place you'll have to wait until its done to have yours.
  15. Hi Roxy, I personally haven't done the Hawaiian cruise but I know people who have. I'm getting married in October in Maui and my mom is doing the cruise the week before my wedding and my dad is doing it the week after. The main complaint I have heard about the cruise is that the service and staff is not up to par with other cruise lines, so if you have cruised before with another cruise line you might be a bit disappointed with it. But the good thing I have heard is that the itinerary is amazing. Depending on the itinerary you do the ship goes by lava going into the ocean on the big island. I guess the main thing to do is look at what there is to do in Maui and Honolulu and see if you'll need more than the 2 days on the cruise, then you'll know if you'll need extra time in the islands. If you have the time to spend after the cruise it might be worth while because you could be pretty busy on the cruise if you do an excursion every day. Hope that helps.
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