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    New St. Thomas bride with questions

    Quote: Originally Posted by futureeilen Hi SnoopyNut - Sorry, I haven't been getting the post updates, so I just saw this now. We got married at my in-laws' house in Skyline Drive...it's 3-4 houses East of the Observatory Deck (popular tourist stop with the vendors and donkey...) that overlooks Charlotte Amalie harbor. Where are you getting married? I know Skyline Drive. We are getting married at Magens Bay (Fiance's favorite beach from his childhood....he was raised on St Thomas) and then will be having our reception at the villa we are renting on Flag Hill that overlooks the harbour and city.
  2. SnoopyNut

    Marrying an Island Boy

    Thank you all for the warm welcome. It's an exciting time and fun to have a group to share it with that are just as excited. Ashley - having his family there is going to be great. The guest count I was anticipating doubled once his mother sent the address list. We are looking at 50+ at this point. But it's all good. Our WC is working on the first of the planning right now. We met with her last Thursday and it felt so good to dump all my thoughts and research on her and have her help me sort through it. We are bringing our WC and Photographer from here. I met them at a bootcamp several months ago and we just clicked. Granted it's going to cost us a bit extra in their travel expenses, but well worth it for my peace of mind. We have room for them at the villa we are considering (more for it's outdoor space for the reception than anything else), so it's all seeming to work out.
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    New St. Thomas bride with questions

    Anaiah - great idea. We love Duffy's. We were actually on the island during your wedding. Where did you get married?
  4. SnoopyNut

    Marrying an Island Boy

    Hello all ~ My name is Tammy and I will be marrying my sweetheart on Magens Bay in St Thomas. Troy was actually raised in St Thomas till he was a teenager so it's a destination wedding for us, but not much of his family. Wedding Date - May 28, 2010 and the day can't get here soon enough. We met on Chemistry.com in September of 2007 and both knew it was something special. We have three "kidz" - the four legged furry kind (dogs) and live in the Atlanta Area. My family is all located in Arizona, his parents and siblings are down in Orlando, and the rest of his family is still in St Thomas. I posted more details in the St Thomas general chat last night. Looking forward to getting and sharing details with everyone, and making some new friends that are in the same boat I am!
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    St Thomas bride update....ROLL CALL

    Hello all Stumbled across this site and it looks like tons of fun. Name: Tammy Engaged: December 24th, 2008 Wedding Date: May 28th, 2010 Ceremony: Magens Bay Reception: Rented Villa on the water WC: Erica - owner of ABigToDoEvents.com This is my 2nd wedding and I always said if I got married again it would be on the beach. Well little did I know back then that I'd be marrying a man from the islands. Fiance was raised on St Thomas and his grandparents, Uncles and great aunts/uncles still live on the island. Being my 2nd wedding I felt it more important that more of his family be able to participate (since the families here on the mainland live on opposite sides of the country). This totally pleased his mother. We have a group of 5 couples that are traveling with us. We are all very close and had talked about a group vacation to the islands and the wedding gave us the perfect excuse to make it happen. My WC is actually here in Atlanta. I met her at a wedding bootcamp my BFF and I attended several months ago and we really clicked. And she's done events around the world. We are also bringing our photographer with us. The pictures were the MOST important thing to me when thinking about the planning so it only made sense. Plus, she's amazing both in her talent and personality. We felt the extra cost (airfare and rooms in the villa) were totally worth it. And I think by the end of the planning process they and their hubbys will be very good friends as well. We were in St Thomas a few weeks ago for our annual trip to see the family and I had arranged for us to view a few villas. I knew I wanted to find a nice place we could not only stay in with our best friends and my family that is traveling there (the future in-laws are staying with the family), but also that had a nice outdoor space to hold the reception (about 50 people). We had fun touring the villas. We have picked one and are working with them to determine the final price. I hope it all works out. Okay enough rambling. I'm looking forward to hearing everyones plans and seeing the pictures. It's such a beautiful place makes it hard not to have beautiful pictures.