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  1. Hi everybody, I just got married on Nov 27th at teh Rose Hall resort and it was GORGEOUS!!! We chose the aqueduct, and it was so private...it was perfect. We got married at 4pm, and I was bummed too thinking that I was going to miss the sunset. But by the time we all got there and finished the ceremony, signed the papers....the sun was settign and I loved the pictures we got. Charline was our coordinator and she was WONDERFUL!!!! We spent a LOTof time talking to her to narrow down what we wanted. We had a very small party of about 21 people (including me and my hubby), but it was great. Tips: do the AI while you are there...breakfast alone is 23. Lunch is another $30...and NONE of this includes any alcohol at all. And dinner can get up to $45 easily. My parents are from Jamaica and they chose not to do the AI. But my brothers and their wives wished that they did. They had to pay the first day for about $100 for breakfast for their family of four and then after that they went off the resort which took away pool/beach time for their kids. Your choice, but I highly recommend the AI. They have two packages...one is premium or top-shelf liquor in a glass and the other is "regular" liquor in a cup. If you are going to have rum punch, planter's punch or any caribbean type drink at all.....go with the regular AI. And at the pool...they barely notice what color band you are wearing to give you a different drink. Packages: We did the Rose Hall Dreams...and I loved it. In hindsight, I may have done the lowest one and just added on the options that I wanted...becasue I didn;t need a sunset cruise, but I loved the fact that we got married at teh aqueduct and the transporation was included with that. I worked with Charline to have a private reception (I know I was crazy to do that...but my dad wanted to see his only daughter have a reception). We negotiated down the price form $100 to $45 per person and $15 per child....go figure. I origianlly was going to just have our reception at one of the restaurants. Charline arranged for us to go off teh resort to have Thanksgiving Dinner also. I used the hotel photographer and he was great. I have to find his card...but we highly recommend him. I will see how to post pictures. Anyway, enough for now....I am just patiently waiting for our certified marriage license to come in the mail so I can do the whole name changing thing. I wish I knew how long that takes.....
  2. LOVE, LOVE LOVE the shoes. i almost bought the Christian Louboutin blue wedding shoes...but I wanted teh DJ for an extra hour...so I had to pass on them :-( Love a cute pair of shoes!
  3. I am getting married on Novemeber 27, 2009. I know I am a little late in asking this question, but does anyone know who the resort photographer is? Does he/she have a website that I can go to? I totally FORGOT about figuring out the photographer and I just assumed that the person who took teh photos on the site was what I was getting....and now I realize that might be the case. Can anyone help me with this?
  4. We are getting married in novemeber and I have no clue what to do about favors. We are having a small wedding (20 ppl...including us) and I want to do something nice for our guests since it is family (parents and siblings only). What should i do? OOT bags (firsttime I am ever hearing about this) or favors. We are getting married in jamaica...where my family is from, so any ideas would be much appreciated. thanks!
  5. Name: Troy'sbride Location: Rose Hall Resort and Spa, Montego Bay Date: 11/27/2009 I already signed the contract! And my mom is coming up this weekend to look at the dress I picked and we are looking for dresses for her too. She lives in Florida and I live in MD, so I want her to be as involved as possible. My FI and I always wanted a DW. Me personally because I didn't want ALL that stress of planning a wedding here. Probably because my friends that planned weddings here are BEYOND stressed. And I wanted our day to be about us and COMPLETELY stress free! And choosing Jamaica was an easy pick for us because I am the only one in my family born here; everybody else is born in Jamaica. So narrowing down the choice was real easy!
  6. Yeah, I am still "rationalizing" my wedding to my friends. It is interesting because now they are all blaiming my FH. He doesn't care either way. But I am also not inviting any of my extended family members, aunts, uncles, etc. We are going to have an after wedding reception here in the states and EVERYBODY is invited to that! I am just hoping for the best!
  7. I have the exact same question. We are getting married there.....also at the aqueduct on November 27, 2009!!! (Can’t wait). But most of my guests are finding rates significantly cheaper prices for the all-inclusive option on line. Can we still get a discount/upgrade if we use a TA instead of the resort?
  8. Well I am having a hard time with this one. We decided only immediate family and a MOH and a BM. Well i have friends who just assumed thatthey would be the MOH. And when I told them they really made me feel bad. One of them even said that well she introduced us... And then they asked me why? Why am I having a small wedding? Why did I decide to only invite immediate family. And when I explained that nobody from my extended family was not invited, they still wanted to know why. Maybe I am alone with this, but I really felt that my friends would undersatnd more than my family.....
  9. Hi, my name is Alecia and we are getting married in Montego Bay on November 27, 2009...yes, it is right around the corner. We are looking at the Rose Hall Resort, Hilton. Just narrowing down the selections. And I JUST got my dress!!!!
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