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  1. I guess I should specify...I had the clear one and would love to have that one again.
  2. Is the starfish still being passed around? If so, I'd love to be included in the list. I had the starfish for my own wedding, and would love to surprise my sister with it for hers. It is in November 2013. How can I be added to the list?
  3. You may also want to check out Etsy. I ordered mine from designs squared there and it turned out fabulous!
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by TonyandTricia WhooHooo!!! I got the clear starfish today...Thanks kpuckrin!!! I always wondered what it looked like exactly because as far as I could tell there wasn't a picture posted so I'll post one now since I have the little guy. This is the starfish and the journal, which is great by the way, former brides! dc22173's clear starfish line-up: 1 ) kpuckrin- January 12 - BlueBeard's Beach, St. Thomas 2 ) tonyandtricia - February 26 - Moon Palace, Cancun 3 ) futuremsmoulton - February 27 - Moon Palace, Cancun 4 ) ebredhawk - April 28 - Dreams Punta Cana 5 ) ldeavila - May 10 - Las Caletas, Puerto Vallarta 6 ) future mrs. kt ellis - June 5 - Scottsdale, AZ 7 ) *kerin28* - June 19 - Worcester, MA 8 ) Bahiabride2010 - July 3 - Punta Cana 9 ) breeze616 - December 10 - Iberostar Rose Hall Beach, Montego Bay I'm so glad to see the little fella made it to you safetly! I'm certain it will look fabulous in your bouquet! I received so many compliments on that little guy. My wedding coordinator posted a pic of my bouquet and starfish on her website. Gallery Just scroll down to the picture called "Starfish and shell 2 tier wedd...". You can click on the thumbnail and the picture will enlarge. Enjoy all future brides! Kerri
  5. Thanks so much Tricia! I'll be sure to send it off as soon as I get home. I will pm you once it's on its way to you. We get home from the cruise on Jan 23rd. Quote: Originally Posted by TonyandTricia Congratulations that your day has finally arrived!!! Good luck!! I'm so excited to get the starfish after you. I'm glad it got passed on! That was a close call!
  6. Well, it was a close call but I received the clear starfish in the mail today! We leave at 3:00 am this morning for the airport! I can't believe the time has finally arrived. Looking forward to reading the journal and seeing all the places the starfish has been.
  7. Hi Ladies, So we leave for our cruise wedding first thing Friday morning, and I just realized that I am lacking my "something old". Does anyone have any ideas? Unfortunately I don't have any jewlery that has been handed down to me at all, so that's out. My parents live in a different country and the rest of my family lives in a different province, so I can't even borrow anything old from them. I have all kinds of "Something New's" including my hair flowers, garter, shoes, dress, etc. My "Something Borrowed" is supposed to be the starfish bouquet jewlery but unfortunately that hasn't arrived in the mail yet (and we only have 1 day left before we go!) My "something Blue" is my handkerchief I'm really stuck on ideas and would greatly appreciate any suggestions you might have for a something old and something borrowed (as a backup in case the starfish doesn't make it here)! Thanks so much! Kerri
  8. Safe Travels to everyone! I still can't believe it's January already!!! My big day is a little over a week away but we'll be leaving first thing on Friday morning. WOOHOO! ENJOY everyone! We've all worked so hard already to ensure everything is perfect for the big day so don't forget to relax and take in every moment. Kerri
  9. For all of the Canadian Brides who are flying through or to the USA, be aware that you are not permitted to bring on any carry-on items! This includes your wedding gown. We're flying Air Canada from Halifax through Montreal to Fort Lauderdale and I inquired with both the airline and two different flight security agents and the temporary carry-on restrictions are in full force. Ladies, you're allowed to bring a small purse, but absolutely no personal items are permitted. Just be careful what you're packing in advance. I'd hate for anyone to get caught having to throw valuable items away at security after your baggage has already been checked. Happy Weddings to my fellow January Brides! The time has finally come.
  10. I'm doing something similar except on a cruise (dinner in a private restaurant and then off to the disco for dancing). I bought a strapless cocktail dress to change into for the disco as I was worried about my wedding gown being too hot (especially after having worn it all day in the sun). Plus, the dancefloors in those places are often quite sticky and I didn't want to be worried about people stepping on my gown, it being dragged through spilled drinks, etc. That's just my preference.
  11. Okay...so I've heard from TCI Bride. She is back from her wedding and has mailed the starfish out so it is now on it's way to me. Woohoo! I can't wait to receive it.
  12. I used glue dots- you can get them at Michaels, and walmart I believe. They worked wonderfully for my matted pocketfold invites.
  13. Well, I don't think you can use another wedding coordinator if you're getting married ON the ship. We're getting married on the beach, so that's how we were able to work with someone other than TWE. Happy Planning!
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