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  1. There is a lovely large White gazebo in negril also. The one you have a pic of is a smaller one down near the watersports area. There are literally TONNES of pics of all the resorts (but especially Negril) on this site. It belongs to my TA who is looking after the Sandals part of our trip. just go to the 'photo keepsakes' tab & enjoy! http://www.joinourwedding.com/sites/index.php?id=43&pid=3&gallid=147#../photos/43/gallery/rj_1_1247857461.jpg
  2. Thanks for the offer Ginger. I would love the help With a second dress option, but unfortunately I live in Ireland, so none of your vendors would be of any use to me. Guess I'll just have to research it myself over here. I think I am going to stick with the dress I have & get some other dress made for the TTD shoot. I'll just have to forget the original dress I think. Maybe if I was getting married in a castle over here, it would be perfect.....but not for a Jamaican beach wedding. Thanks everyone xxxx
  3. Aw thanks everyone! U know, I actually think the dress I have is a nicer dress.... It just doesn't feel the same. I know it's going to be better for me all round on the day, I just wish I felt happier about it. But u guys have cheered me up & gave me some confidence. Ginger, I love your idea! Thank you! I think I will find out how much I could get a knock off done for.
  4. Â Hi Ladies So, A while back I spent weeks trying to find the perfect dress. I trawled through the shops until, finally, I cried over a dress. I knew this was 'the one' and I was thrilled. Only thing was....It was COMPLETELY over budget! So I put off ordering it for a few months. Â Then, I planned a dress-trying day with my family/girlfriends to show them this dress & confirm what I already knew, that it was 'the one'. So the day before said trip, I decide to go to this other store to have a look at these dresses I have always wanted to see. I knew I wouldn't find anything as nice as 'my dress' but I wanted to look anyway. Low & behold one particular dress stood out & I made the mistake of trying it on. It was beautiful...but no tears! I really liked it but knew my dress was nicer. The woman in the shop then tells me she is putting this dress on sale soon & if I was interested, she would give it to me at the sale price-which, by the way, is one third the price of my dream dress. Â Between one thing and another, I rush-bought the sale dress because of several reasons: 1- it was much cheaper than dream dress. 2- The material was not as heavy and the train was shorter (good for beach). 3- the materials would not damage as easily as the dream dress on the beach, as I am having an AHR the week after we get back, this was important. Â All these things aside....It is not my dream dress & every day I think about the dress I wanted, I almost cry. I know the dream dress was probably not feasible for the type of wedding we are having...but I wanted it none the less. Â I am now considering buying the dream dress now as well as the one I have at home. Am I making a mistake? Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â The first 2 pics are of the dress I have at home. The last 2 are of my dream dress. Â Â Â Â Â Â
  5. I know the dress in the pics for the Beautiful beginnings is from the Dessy collection for Sandals...so they probably all are. You could check their website!
  6. Congratulations!!! Now the real exciting bit starts!!!
  7. Hahahaha Niedertobe!!! I suppose you are in a pickle! LOL But I know when we decided on Sandals Negril, it was only because we saw a wedding there on tv & picked it straight away...with out even a second thought or research on any other properties!!! So once you do a bit of research & read LOADS of reviews, you'll be more than happy with your decision. Also, if you are bringing family/friends, discuss options with them before finalising anything, you will rest easy then! xx This site is a lifesaver when it comes to information & help. I find it essential in EVERY decision I make! Happy planning!!!
  8. jamaicabride10

    Prices for trip?

    I personally do not think $5000 is too much for Sandals Negril. We are getting married there in March 2011 and got an amazing deal of 2 free nights & 60% off and it's still costing us $7700. We're travelling from Ireland, so airfair is $3625 minimum & we are going for a plantation suite! Yes it's probably going to be the most expensive week ever!, but we have been to regular all-inclusive's for a week for under 3K but want something extra special...and that is what you are paying for! Sandals is not just all-inclusive, it is Luxury included & the difference, as the pro's have already pointed out, are huge! I mean you can go water skiing whenever you want, I will have a personal butler & if I want dinner on my balcony with a bottle of champagne, I can have it! No extra cost! That is why it costs what it does, and trust me...it will be worth it!!!!
  9. WOW i'm glad I found this thread today!!! I'm having a bloody panic attack about the idea that we 'should' consider our guests a bit more and possibly change resorts!!! Have been up all night & didn't sleep a wink!! We are booked for Sandals Negril March 2011. We go the most amazing deal EVER and can't wait!! But yesterday, while at a holiday expo, we got a RIU brochure & RIU Negril looks fab! One problem we have is that the grooms brother will be 10 at our wedding & we are recommending they stay at Beaches Negril & come over on the day. We have secured permission for him to be on-site for the wedding, but obviously he cannot stay all evening & night. I don't think the future parents In Law are too happy about this, but as I keep reminding myself, it's OUR day & we only get to do it once (hopefully lol!). So now I am actually considering switching to RIU Negril so that kids would be accommodated if ppl wanted to bring them, yet not over run with kids as may be the case with Beaches. Also I am considering the cost for other guests too! Here's the thing, most, if not all, of our (potential) guests have said they will not be staying in Sandals anyway. Either because of cost or the singles/kids thing. Secondly, the ppl who have said they will come, may still not even book, so all this changing could be for nothing! And thirdly, if I am doing this to suit my guests...well I should have had the wedding in Ireland! So, I think with all this added up, I have decided not to switch to suit potential guests & stick to what WE want. After all, the reason we are going to Jamaica is for something a little more special. So we will stick with Sandals & stick to the plan, rather than loose 1 yr worth of planning & researching. Guests can stay where they like, join us on the day & enjoy THEIR holiday in Jamaica. Are we getting too wrapped up in what our guests want rather than what we want?? And if so, should we just be staying at home if that's the case? Or am I being selfish?
  10. I'm having trouble with this too, but I think once the Finishing Touches catalogue is complete, I will have a better idea of budgets. If I go the private reception I will have all the additional table & décor costs to look at too. Just have to wait & see what it is all going to cost... ;-)
  11. jamaicabride10

    Breaking News!

    Hi Christie! All the weddings will be by Martha Stewart now...even the 'New Beginnings' (new name for the Carefree Package). This is copied from the website!! Yay! .................................................. ................. Every Sandals Wedding By Martha Stewart Includes: Personal wedding consultant Picturesque wedding location Marriage officiant Bouquet and boutonniere Two-tiered wedding cake Reception for bride, groom & 2 guests One 5"x7" wedding photograph Honeymoon dinner for bride & groom Continental breakfast in bed Preparation of documentation Certified copy of marriage license Goverment / Administrative fees* The Beautiful Beginnings Wedding is included - View details .................................................. ............................... I also read somwhere that there will be a-la-carte options & little additional extras you can purchase the will bear her name! So therefore, anyone getting married in Sandals (once the PB stuff has finished) will have a Martha Steward wedding. So exciting!
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by SSNM What is the difference between asking for a specific type of gift and registering in terms of etiquette? I mean, are you not basically asking that people should get you a gift if you register? Exactly!!! That is how I feel about it. Registering is just the same as 'asking' for a gift...so why not let you buy your own with money "If you do not care about traditional etiquette, please don't be offended. It is your right to throw tradition to the wind and do whatever you want" I think we all threw tradition to the wind the minute we decided to have a DW! Sorry to get ratty about this, but I feel when someone asks HOW to ask for money as a gift...they have already decided to do it and are looking for help on the HOW. They are not asking if they should or not. Maybe lets put our differences aside and only reply with something helpful (if we have it) for the original poster??
  13. We are in the same boat. I have put it on our wedding website, on the 'registries' page, that our registry is contribution towards a honeymoon. I wouldn't dream of putting it on the invites!!! Word of mouth usually works for a DW as most people are only bringing close family & friends. It's not like home where you have to get the word out to 300 people.. you're talking what...10-50 ppl max For our engagement party we did not expect gifts at all, but low & behold..we got LOADS of rubbish that is now in the attic as we have nowhere to put it!! I'm sure most people who felt the need to give us gifts just re-wrapped some of their own wedding gifts that they did not want!!!...lol It is not tradition in Ireland/UK to 'Register' So you usually get money from everyone...except the older folk who think you must give an actual gift. Our poem on the website is: 'We are sending out this information, in hope you will join our celebration. But if a gift is your intention, may we take this opportunity to mention, we have already got a kettle and toaster, crockery, dinner mats, and matching coasters. So rather than something we have already got, we would appreciate money for our honeymoon pot. But most importantly we request, that you come to our wedding an be our guest' ...but I must stress...this is NOT on the invitation, as we feel the invitation should be just that, an invitation. Anyone young enough to use the net can see your website (if you have one) and anyone too elderly to look at such things are probably few, and also more than likely are family members who can find out by WOM that you need money/honeymoon rather than 'stuff'. I agree with the idea that no one is going to turn up at a wedding empty handed, and I personally would rather throw some cash in an envelope than go out gift-hunting! So I think my guests will feel the same sense of 'relief' at not having to go shopping. As we do not really do registries here, it is an awful hassle to buy something for someone when you have no idea what they could possibly need!!
  14. I CAN'T BELIEVE I MISSED IT!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGHHHH!!!!! I have been waiting for this for AGES, and even all day today.....and I just looked at the time & realised IT'S OVER!!! Did I miss anything
  15. jamaicabride10

    Breaking News!

    I think she is replacing the PB stuff, but as far as I've heard, anyone that has already booked PB will get PB, but from October everyone else will be able to book her new collections. And correct me if I'm wrong anyone that knows, but I heard that ALL weddings, including Carefree & Signature will carry her 'brand' in some way, unlike PB where you could only get his stuff if you were booking one of his collections!!! Sounds FAB!!! Can't wait 'till October!!!