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  1. Hi Katie:) Its me LUcie. I just got married on the sky deck and you won't regret it at all!!! WE LOVED IT!!! If you need any suggestions, please let me know:) Enjoy lucie
  2. Hi Shannon, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your pictures are beautiful, but I got to see you in person:):) I was at the Azul watching your ceremony from my balcony. I was thinking of you the next day due to the tropical storm. I was so happy for you for your great weather! Beautiful pictures! I used the same company, they seemed great. Hope to receive them soon!! congratulations once again!! lucie
  3. Hi Shannon Best of luck. I arrived on Thursday and my wedding is July 1st!!!!! See you there:) Lucie
  4. Hi Anon101, not sure if you all fit on the oval deck. This is where our reception will be. But we are only 26 people. We were forty but because we had to reschedule due to the swine flu, only 26 people are coming now. Look into the oval deck, it looks really nice. Happy planning:) lucie
  5. Hello Ladies:) my name is Lucie. I was suppose to get married at the Azul Sensatori in May but because of the wonderful swine flu, I had to cancel. So very sad!!! We have rebooked for the end of June, except for my matron of honour! Terrible. I was wondering if anyone knows how the beach is I heard that its not the greatest, very dirty and not a nice blue colour. All the best to all the brides out there, and if anyone has any questions, I am more than happy to help out as my wedding has been planned for a long time now:) Have a great day!!!