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  1. Hi Ladies - It took me a while, but I finally finished my wedding review for the Royal! It's posted on the Royal review page. Scroll all the way down - it's near the bottom. http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/the-royal-in-playa-del-carmen-all-inclusive-spa-resort/reviews#4089
  2. Congratulations RunningBride! It sounds like it was amazing. I can't wait to see your pictures!!
  3. I would ask them to take it off then. Are you really set on the champagne toast? If not, then I'm sure they'd remove the charge. Who's your WC? I was working with Maritza. She didn't even question me when I told her the prices on the spreadsheet were incorrect. I told her what the prices were when I signed my contract and she fixed it and sent it back to me. No questions asked.
  4. Hi Lisa, I have the luxury package and my WC never quoted an additional charge for the cake/champagne toast, but I never specifically requested a champagne toast. I wonder if the extra price is because of the champagne. We're not going to have a champagne toast. It doesn't seem worth it when some people don't drink champagne and there's an open bar so people will already have drinks in their hands! I signed my contract in January, so I got the rates from last year. I'm paying $20 pp for the cocktail and $60 pp for the reception for our non-resort guests. We have 11 so far! When I got my final bill they were trying to charge me a higher rate for non-resort guests, but I asked the WC to change it back to the prices that were quoted when I signed my contract. It was not a problem at all. You should double check the prices that were posted when you signed your contract and make sure they give you those prices. Don't let them get away with increasing the prices on you!
  5. I order my chair sashes from http://www.weddinglinensdirect.com/. They came in super fast and they were a great price. I'd recommend them if you need an alternative. Good luck!
  6. Great advice! Thanks for posting. Congrats to all the ladies getting married this weekend!!
  7. I'm doing DIY luminaries for our table decorations at the reception. I found a vendor on etsy that can make custom designs. Here's the link to her website. http://www.illumienate.com/ I'm doing a mix of different sizes, including the table number lumies, some with love poems, some personalized with our names and wedding date and some with accent flowers and butterflies attached. We'll have 6-7 per table. I'm super excited about how all the soft lighting is going to look for our evening beach reception!
  8. My FI and I were thinking about doing a group block, but the prices we were quoted were only $20-30 cheaper than the online prices, so we decided that it wasn't worth the trouble. I'm glad we didn't go that route. We've had several people book at the last minute and others who we thought were definites decide not to go. If you can't fill the rooms then you're on the hook for the money. I think that's the problem that Natalie's been having. It's not worth the headache! I found that a lot of people like to make their own arrangements anyway. Also, if you book through expedia you can get a lower room rate than what's listed on the Royal website. Expedia gives a discount for booking flights and hotel together. When we priced it out those prices were actually cheaper than what the hotel was offering us as a group rate. Â I think someone already answered this, but if some of your guests are staying at the Gran Porto they are still considered resort guests. They can arrive for the wedding 30 minutes before the ceremony. I'm also having a private welcome cocktail the day before our wedding and my WC told me that Gran Porto guests can arrive for that 20 minutes before. Â I'm so sorry that everyone is having such horrible experiences with Sand N Sun! I wonder if that's why they're not a vendor on this website anymore. I have to say that I was quite surprised we've all been having these problems. I decided to use Sand N Sun because I had read good reviews for them on this site. Â
  9. I also went through Sun and Sand Vacations and had Jill as my TA. I completely agree with jesmcan's review. The TA was slow to respond and wasn't very helpful when we needed her the most. I was also booked on Mexicana and so were my parents. I ended up rebooking myself on another flight and am disputing the charges from Mexicana myself. My parents were able to rebook through the TA, but I understand that the travel agency did not offer this option to everyone in the same situation. If I could go back and do it again I wouldn't use this company. I've been telling my guests who haven't booked yet to go ahead and do it themselves through the website. I'm not sure if another travel agency would have been better. I've never used one before this time. Â
  10. Oh no! They're not going to do anything for you now?! What the heck is the point of having a travel agent if they can't help you in situations like this?! I'm so sorry this happened to you! I can't imagine what it's like to tell all your guests that they have to shell out for another ticket. Â I made the decision to book myself on another flight as soon as I heard about Mexicana canceling flights. I didn't want to wait around to see what the TA was going to be able to do and run the risk of flights getting more expensive. She wasn't able to offer better rates on flights anyway, so I figured I would just handle it myself and then try to get the money back through my credit card company. On the bright side, my CC was very easy to work with and they said I would see a credit on my statement in the next 1 to 2 billing cycles. Â
  11. Does anyone know who the DJ that the resort contracts with is? I've asked my WC who the DJ will be, but she hasn't gotten back to me on this question. Have you girls heard anything (good or bad) about the DJ that the resort uses? Thanks!
  12. I'm glad everything worked out for you Jess! I also got a response from the TA yesterday. She's going to rebook my mom's flights and then she'll only have to pay the difference in ticket prices. I was also very frustrated with the lack of a response or notification from the TA. She seems to be a lot more responsive and helpful since yesterday. Maybe your complaint to the Travel Agency got her moving! Luckily we didn't have any other guests booked on Mexicana, so we didn't have to deal with a lot of angry guests. Thank God for that! Good luck with all the rebooking! I hope everything else works out for you! Â