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  1. We had used Huellas del Caribe for our wedding at Dreams La Romana in May of 2010 and are very happy with all of our wedding photos and Video. They did everything we asked and more in a very professional and friendly manner. We got our photos and video within hours and they were so beautiful. If you are going to have your wedding in the Dominician Republic we definitly reccommend Arnaud Brichet and his crew. Â Email me if you want to see some photo's nicole.bruce29@gmail.com
  2. This is the groom writing. Got married yesterday and just wanted to say that everything went off without a hitch the beach reception was amazing as well as the cigar roller. Tiara did a great job. And I can not say enough about HDC Photo. Arnaud and the videographer were amazing and we can't wait to get the photo's back. You will not be disappointed.
  3. Been trying to find some songs online but can't find anywheres to download them. Any suggestions?
  4. Putting the date in your subject line to Tiara really does help. Got a response within hours.
  5. You can get a cigar roller from the resort for 250.00 usd. You get 50 cigars and the guy is there for 2-3 hours. if you find anyone else let me know because this is the one we are going with but there may be a better deal with someone else.
  6. We are using HDC Photo and they have been great to work with so far. Check them out HDCphoto.com.
  7. Id would like to hear from someone who has used them before. I cant really find much info on them.
  8. Hey we are using HDC Photo as well as a few other brides they are great. Their website is hdcphoto.com check them out.
  9. I am looking into maybe getting them for after the wedding but I haven't really heard of anyone mention them except for dollfinluck. Just wondering what they were like and some more pictures of the boat.
  10. KPEG for the price at the resort you can get HDC and know excatly what you are getting. Although I have herad that the resort photographers are good it just seemed the better route to go because we know what we are getting.
  11. Can I ask why you asked for 4pm? We have ours for may 4th at 5pm becuase we only have 3 hrs with the photogrpaher and the sun sets at 7pm so we thought 5 was better.... But are wondering if maybe 4:30 would be better.... Not sure if thats even an option though....
  12. Also we are getting married at 5pm and the good thing about that is, it is the last wedding of the day so no rushing, the pictures will be at sun set and during the day light and they beach will be cleared for the most part (people will be done for the day and they wont be in your pictures or gathering around your wedding spot). I think 5pm is the better time....and it will be a little cooler as well.
  13. Hey Vonnie we are using HDC Photo they have been great. Their website is hdcphoto.com. And their prices are very reasonable. And they respond very quickly and seem to be great to work with.
  14. I am pretty sure that it is only 50.00 per person to do photos. It may have a certain time limit(so many hrs on the resort) on it but Tiara quoted us 50.00 US per person for photo and video for 3 hrs I think. I would get it in writing from her though just to make sure. As I have herad about other resorts that things change once you are down there. we will be bringing a copy of all the emails she sends us just to make sure.
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