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  1. As for the kids club--my seven year old son loved it. They did a lot of fun activities and we pulled him in and out several times a day so he could spend time with our family as well. It was nice to have that option as we were pretty busy with wedding stuff and entertaining guests. The kids club is great for the younger kids--probably 10 and under, a little older would probably have been bored. They do crafts, they watch movies, they play games, they do this trampoline thing-which my son is still talking about. I'm pretty sure they only charge you once for the chairs. Bringing a sturdy enough aisle runner would be rather difficult. The one that they have is very good. It's probably worth the rental fee.
  2. As for the 750 dollar set up fee. If you do not get the ultimate or the dreams of love wedding package, you do have to pay the 750 set up fee. If you do get a package, no fee is necessary, unless you have over 20 guests.
  3. To ease your worries about the rocky beach...the sand itself before entering the water is not rocky. It's actually in the water directly in front of the resort that it's really rocky. I hurt my foot once headed out to the water trampoline. However, there are beautiful non rocky portions of the beach, not far away at all..
  4. MY ADD review is posted...will clean it up soon. http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/dreams-tulum-resort-spa-all-inclusive/reviews/4718
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    Dreams of Tulum

    Oh i forgot hair and make up. Hair was really good, but it fell after an hour of being on the windy beach. I wish I would've put it all the way back. I did a half up kinda thing and the down pieces lost their curl quickly. No issues with makeup.
  6. We just got back too...I plan on posting a review soon. All in all, the wedding was pretty wonderful--only a few hiccups. To future brides, make sure you bring bug spray. The mosquitos for our beach reception were killer!!! I've been to Mexico in April and May and the mosquitos were fine. They were brutal on June 11. Natalia was our wedding coordinator and she was just okay...all the details were taken care of, but there was a huge miscommunication for the flowers. She picked the flowers I specifically said I did not want. Oh well. They were just flowers and I handled it pretty well. The other issue was the champagne...we ordered enough for 20 (as per our package) and when I ordered it at the reception, they refused to bring it, saying we had drank it at our cocktail hour--which we had not...some people had ordered glasses at the lobby bar, but that was at all. Very minor issues overall. I am very happy with everything else, even the resort photographer. I wish I would have purchased additional time. Teo was a great photographer--a little posey, but they turned out really nice. We hired DJ Bijan--he was fantastic. He played all of our favorite songs and then some. He really had the party going and didn't talk too much. I give him an A hands down.
  7. We leave tomorrow morning!! I am so excited. Have so much to do.
  8. Thank you so much for vlynn for the welcome letter. We nearly copied it exactly. Hope you don't mind. Thanks a bunch. I have been way to stressed out.
  9. Hey I'm not sure how many points it takes to open attachments, but I really need an example welcome letter. We leave on Sunday. I am dying! I am completely stumped for ideas and stressed out. Could someone please help me?
  10. geminiwanderlust

    How do you know if your a$$ stinks?

    that's hilarious.
  11. geminiwanderlust

    Jaded family members

    Somehow weddings seem to bring out the worst in families. I'm having similiar bad experiences. Is it too late to postpone the wedding a bit and give people time to save up money and get adjusted to the idea a little more? That's what we did and it helped for the most part. Go to Moon Palace as just a fun getaway. I'm sure you could use some relaxation.
  12. We are getting married in two weeks and suddenly my fiance's father has refused to come our wedding. I think it's because of me. I think my fiance made the mistake of venting to his father a little too much about our fights--so he knows only the bad stuff. His father does not really know me. He's only met me once (which weirdly I thought went quite well). He lives in California; we live in Ohio. I think he has a horrible opinion of me and hates me for no real valid reason...you know how it is when you vent to someone during arguements. I'm slightly mad at my fiance too...why couldn't he confide in his best friend or someone not quite so judgemental. I'm not perfect, neither is my fiance. I feel horrible. My fiance is devastated. The excuse the father is using for not coming is terrible. He says he's not coming because he just got his flight info from our travel agent and he is not assigned a seat on the plane (we talked to our travel agent who assured us that will change when he checks into his flight) and he insists on having an aisle seat because his girlfriend is claustrophobic. I have no idea what to do. I feel sick about this. My fiance is an only child and he feels like his relationship with his father has fallen apart. He's tried to talk to him about how much this means to him and his father says hes being selfish for insisting he be there and go to Mexico and risk him being incovenienced on the plane and for travel. I just don't know what to do at this point other than be sad and accept this terrible thing.
  13. geminiwanderlust

    Any ProActiv Brides out there???

    I tried Proactiv for myself and didn't like the results. It didn't help much at all and my skin was left kind of a weird texture after months of use. Now I use a mild acne cleanser from Neutrogena with the clarisonic skin care brush (from sephora or ulta--i know it's kind of expensive, but so worth it) and have not had a breakout in months. I've gotten more compliments on my skin than ever in my life. I've always had horrible skin--blotchy, acne, acne scarring.
  14. geminiwanderlust

    Sephora Vs. Mac

    Sephora all the way. Especially now they they have airbrush temptu makeup. It looks amazing in photo shoots. It's such a great base.
  15. Thanks for sharing.