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  1. Hello everyone! I just got back from my wedding at the Paradisus then my honeymoon in Tulum. I will be posting a full length review of everything soon. However, I had to write this to WARN other brides. The main reason that I booked the Paradisus over other resorts was the fact that they tote that they only will have one wedding per day. I received that information not only from destinationweddings.com, but also the resort themselves. THIS IS NOT TRUE!!!! There was a total of 3 weddings, including mine on my day, and to be honest....it was chaos. They honestly only have enough staff for 1 wedding a day, and I feel terrible for saying this as Daniella is so sweet and overworked, but I felt it my duty to make other brides aware. My number 1 recommendation to other brides is to put a friend or family member that you trust, not in the wedding party, in charge that day. I had a friend sort of helping me but if I would have given her all the information besides Daniella it would have worked out. Unfortunately, Daniella was attending to 2 other weddings besides mine all of which had the same 4 pm time and I was basically without a wedding coordinator for 3/4 of my event. As I said I will be posting a full review including everything that went wrong so that other Brides can avoid these mistakes.
  2. featherchick

    Flower wanted

    Hey! I have something pretty similar, you can see the pic at this web address where I bought it: Birdcage Veil - Birdcage Veils Let me know if you are interested! You can PM me ~Lacie
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by SMB&CRZ Ok, so I have finally figured out my performance part that I wanted. I am going to have a water and drums performance. It's going to be a surprise for everyone (won't even tell my parents) so I hope they like it! SMB&CRZ: Hey I have also been looking hardcore for something for our cocktail hour, I would love say a mariachi band or something, but I just think that $750 is too much. I guess I don't understand what a water and drums show is? More details please, like cost, etc. Thanks! ~Lacie
  4. I am using Plumerias as well! I got the idea from this site, and so I looked up her website. I loved what was laid out but originally wanted to make only one or two changes to a bouquet she had there. Roberta is amazing, we literally emailed ideas back and forth of pics of my dress, colors, and other bouquets that I liked and she helped me refine my vision for my dream wedding, which was something completely different from when we had started but I know that I will be happy when I get my flowers in November! She also helped me with centerpiece ideas. Roberta is much more than a florist, and worth her weight in gold. If you are even considering using her, I would check out her website and just email her what you have in mind. It will be worth it!
  5. Hello everyone! It's been a while since I've been on here, so I thought I would check in. I had tentatively scheduled for our ceremony to be at 3:30. Does anyone know if that is a good time for early January? Also I just booked my photographer and I am so excited! We are actually bringing one from the states, which sounds excessive, but its actually a better deal. It seemed like most of the prices in Cancun for photographers were at least $2,000 for like 4 hours. Well, I swung a deal with the guy that took our engagement photos ( which I love!) and said I would pay for his trip down for 4 days 3 nights and his flight ($460 for the room and $240 for his flight) if he would take pics for the weekend. I told him he could even bring his wife (as long as he paid for her portion) and he said yes! He will be there taking pics for the entire wedding day plus we are doing a trash the dress session the morning after. I suggest that others look into trying to do something like this.
  6. Does anyone happen to have Perla's direct phone number? I have been waiting for 2 weeks for a confirmation that we have our date and although I am working through destinationweddings.com and they say that she will get back with us soon, I am a little paranoid. I have my dj and photographers etc picked out and want to reserve them but obviously cant until I have my date set in stone. So if anyone has her number I would appreciate it! ~Lacie
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by SMB&CRZ Thanks Missy. That's how I understood the group rate as well. Trying to arrange a meeting with the TA tomorrow to sit down and discuss and get this sorted out. In the meantime, I am happy to announce that I am officially a Paradisus bride!!! I spoke to Perla this afternoon and booked January 21st, 2010 for my wedding. So rain or swine, guests or none, I am getting married then! Congratulations! We should be able to give each other a lot of help as our wedding timelines are very similar (mine's the 9th!). I'm so excited for you! I can't believe that you are getting so many people to come. I am looking at 60 tops, but honestly that was the point of having it in Mexico otherwise we were looking at like...300 to 400. That's just crazy to me.
  8. Wow these pictures are great. THanks for all the ideas Ladies!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by Christine The knot has a great gallery, but this looks like a great boquet for you girls who are going with a more festive vibrant color theme. I love this look those are the colors I want. Really bright!
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by OROBride1008 I just got my flowers from Roberta yesterday. They are gorgeous. I love them. She is wonderful and I highly reccommend her. My hairclip... wow I love your flowers! Where did you get them? Online or someone in Florida
  11. featherchick

    Carnival Mexican Riveria Cruise & Cabo Wedding!

    Hey We aren't doing the wedding on a cruise but we want to go on a cruise for the honeymoon after we get married in the riviera maya. Which company are you going with? I would be interested in others' experiences as well...
  12. I love your dress and I really like your bouquet colors! I want to do a similar color scheme. Too bad my aunt is a florist and going down with me or I would have bought your stuff. Great deal though.
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    Hopeful destination bride!

    Quote: Originally Posted by honeybear Hi everyone, My fiance and I are still in the planning stages but are starting to lean more towards a destination wedding-- we're pretty excited about! Right now looking into Dreams Tulum or their new resort that is supposed to be opening in the fall of 2009, Dreams Riviera Cancun. We were originally having a wedding in our hometown in August 2010 but with the whole hurricane season peaking in the summer we may be more tight for time than we thought! Yeah we were going to have a wedding at home first, but we have so many relatives from all over and I wanted something small and simple. At home my wedding would have had at least 300 guests, but my destination wedding will have more like 80. Much better in my opinion.
  14. featherchick

    Just married in Puerto Vallarta

    Quote: Originally Posted by Isolaede Hi everyone: My name is Jessica, and I was recently married in BEAUTIFUL Puerto Vallarta, Mexico on September 27, 2008. Our venue was Casa China Blanca – which is so much lovlier than any of the pictures, and our coordinators were Eva and Michael from Vallarta weddings (they were miracle workers). This forum was a huge help in my search for information in the foreign world of PV, but I was never able to actually post the first time around. My attempt at registering got messed up some how. But I’m here and hoping to contribute and give a bit of help here, in payment for all that this forum gave me. Kindest regards, Jessica Oh that's so neat. I have noticed a lot of newlyweds on here that are giving advice. It is so helpful for us as I wouldn't know where to start otherwise!
  15. Sorry I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Lacie and I have been reading posts for the last week and the site has been so helpful for me! I am excited since reading the wedding reviews and it seems like it is the perfect place for my wedding. I do have a question for everyone... I was thinking of doing mexican paper flowers as centerpieces as I thought it would be something local and interesting. Does anyone know of any Cancun vendors I can purchase these from in bulk? Or would I just have to go to a market and try to find them? Please let me know thanks so much! Congrats Brides to be!!!