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  1. Unfortunately I had a different experience with the OPI Axxium. I paid $25 and had mine done at a school because they were the only place in town that had I could find that had this type of polish. The girl did a really bad job painting the gel on and it started to peel and chip in 3 days. By day 5 I had peeled all the polish off because it was lifting and driving me crazy. I loved that they were dry immediately and didn't smudge but make sure you find someone who knows what they are doing and can give a nice polish job. I have been reading up on this and if they leave the gel on your cuticles and don't clean it up really well the gel will catch on things and lift. Turns out they should be using a special base coat also that this girl didn't use which is supposed to help the gel adhere to your nails. Basically just make sure the person you go to knows what they are doing and defiantly give it a trial run before the wedding.
  2. Sorry, I don't think there are any all-inclusive resorts on Bermuda. We are taking the MS Veendam and sailing out of NYC for our wedding and a cruise ship is as close to all-inclusive as you can get in Bermuda.
  3. We will be getting married at Astwood park in Bermuda at 3:30 and will be having some light refreshments there while we take pictures. Then we will heading back to the cruise ship for dinner with our group in the specialty restaurant. After dinner my new husband and I will be heading to the disco with any guests who want to join us.
  4. I am going with a traditional style dress. I didn't feel like a bride in the beachy dresses.
  5. I'm a Bermuda cruise bride as well. We are sailing with Holland America on Oct., 3, 2010. We went with HA instead of NCL because they had the latest sailing date next year. I wish NCL was still sailing all year round to Bermuda, we really wanted to do thanksgiving but I guess they have not been making enough money sailing out of NY so they have completely changed their schedule next year. Oh well, October will still be great as will June. They really isn't any bad season in Bermuda!!
  6. JerseyGrl so sorry to hear about your planner troubles but glad everything turned out okay in the end. I had contacted Awesome events for a quote twice and never heard back. I was told she was the least expensive WC on the island and now I can see why. It's easy to be cheap when you just take someones money and don't do the work. My mom and I have decided to go it alone(no planner) for now but will probably hire someone for the day of. I just recieved my confirmation back from the Bermuda Government that our venue, Ashwood Park, is booked. All I had to do for that was fill out a 2 page request to use the park and pay $25. Very easy, took two minutes and had the confirmation back in two weeks. Now I'm moving on to transportation and rental quotes.
  7. Just remember you won't be able to make everyone happy and you and your FI should do what will make you happy! I have the same problem many other brides who choose destination weddings do, my family in NY, FI family in CA and we live in Reno so where to have the wedding. We decided on a cruise to Bermuda out of NY because 1) we love cruising, 2) my mom has insisted on paying for the wedding including paying for my 6 nieces and nephews to come and an AHR (she is very excited, very excited about the wedding) so leaving out of NY helps keep costs down for her 3) if we had the wedding in NY (since mom is paying) then everyone from CA would have to travel there anyway and 4) I love Bermuda and we got a great deal on the cruise! So we have heard it all from those we have invited from "its too expensive", "the cruise is to long (7 days)" and one of my favorites "it's in Oct. and we can't take our kindergartner out of school." Seriously, Kindergarten, somehow I think the child will survive and I don’t think it will be held against her when high school graduation rolls around! I have also had some great responses including my best friend. I wanted to ask her to be my Maid of Honor, (she will be the only person to stand up with me on my side) but she is a new teacher and quite poor right now so before I asked her my FI and I decided we would pay for her trip. So I asked her to be my MOH and quickly told her we would like to pay her way and she said she was honored and would love to be there with us. She then told me that she had already taken a 2nd job to pay for the trip because there was no way she would miss all the fun and to spend our money on something else for the wedding she was all set. I’m so happy she will be there with me and she has already been such a great help. I have another great friend who will not be able to make it to Bermuda for several reasons and she is very excited for us and has named herself an honorary bridesmaid. She emails me every few days wanting to know what she can do to help. Just do what you really want. The people who love you will make every effort to be there with you in person or in spirit and to hell with the rest of them!!
  8. So glad Melissa made it through, I love her. She dances so well that everyone thinks what she is doing is easy and it isn't trust me. I was never going to be a professional Ballerina but dance for 17 years and pointe work is very hard. She is in awesome shape and I hope she goes all the way but I agree that the show is a little biased with mostly guys winning in the past. Hope it's a girl this year!!
  9. spazycat6454


    Congrats and Happy planning!
  10. Everything looks terrific! Aren't moms the best, we are shipping everything to my mom also because she is in NY where we will be sailing from and I'm in NV.
  11. spazycat6454


    Congrats and happy planning!
  12. Go wearing what you’re most comfortable in, remember you may try on a lot of dresses or it might just be a few but for your first time looking there is no need to get all dolled up in my opinion, make sure you are comfortable. If you have an idea of what style or designer you’re looking for defiantly tell the sales women helping you but also try on others, you may be surprised on what you really like on your body! You may want to take your own strapless bra if you want but the store will have them for trying on if you don't. As for shoes, I walked around the store barefoot while trying on dresses because I went into the store on a whim with sneakers on. Also don’t worry about size, tell the saleswomen what size you normally wear and she will grab the right sizes in the dresses you want to try, they know how the different lines run. Last but not least, let the saleswomen at the store help you and they know a lot about the dresses and can get you in and out of them really quickly! If the women in the store you go to aren’t helpful (by the way they are usually over helpful) just move on to another store or make an appointment when they can help you. Hope that helps! I went in to try on dresses knowing what I wanted but I still tried on 8 different styles to be sure but I did decide that the first one I tried was the one!! Good Luck and have fun!!!
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