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    Dominican Republic tips are appreciated!

    I have been there with my husband and friends 4 years ago, we stayed in Punta Cana. Let me know if I can answer any concerns!
  2. Picasa Web Albums - 10041973625684539... - TTD Hi Ladies, Totally stumped on a creative way to thank my guests from our destination wedding. We did a Trash the Dress shoot which I will post the rest of as well as a review of my amazing photographer Ivan Luckie. Needless to say if I am just starting my thank you cards you know I ve been busy after the wedding and/or tired lol!! So I want to use this picture and maybe say something along the lines of ....... - Thank you for being there as we "leaped" "jumped" "plunged" into ..... - For guests that didn't go a card that says... Sorry you missed us ........ any help or suggestions would be soooooo appreciated!!
  3. Towards the end of summer last year my girlfriends took me to a Pole fitness class during the day and we learned how to do some pretty interesting stuff. At the end the owner did an amazing pole show for us. From there we boarded on an awesome yacht had a "Dirty Pirate" bartend for us, we had specialty cocktails printed on a cute menu that was framed, awesome apps and later the Captain grilled us chicken skewers and veggies. All the crew on the boat wore their crew outfit and had a few sailor hats for the girls and me. One of my bridesmaids is a dj for a local radio station, her friend brought all his equipment and dj'd for us the whole day while we layed out, jumped off the dock and were just being silly girls! My friend that threw the party her sister is a massage therapist she had her and her friend with sit down chairs give out free massages all day and boy did we use them after the strip fitness class! We also had a jet ski brought out to play with during the day! Now that I am thinking about all of it..... it was really touching the effort that was made and all who helped out! Towards the end we played who could give me the sexiest lap dance and I judged.. it was a little embarrasing to say the least and caused tons of boats to circle us, we also played a game you took turns to hold a huge heavy penis in between your legs while girls took turns trying to get a ring around it. Both games people got funny prizes like bumpits, alchohol etc... We moved it inside after it was dark played one more "who knows me game" over homemade tiramisu cake and we did a touching champangne toast! I was so pooped by Midnight we wrapped it up and I don't even think I showered before I went to bed that night.... I know gross better than puking hahaha! I am actually planning a Vegas Bach at the Venetian for my MOH, we leave Thurs! I ll post details when we get back!
  4. BlieLena

    MGM Grand or Wynn buffet?

    My girlfriend is doing her Bach in Vegas in a couple weeks, I looked into buffets and in the new MGM sister property THE M RESORT it's been rated as #1 and they serve all you can drink The M Resort Spa Casino Las Vegas • Dining • Studio B Buffet wine and beer as well are priced in the mid $20's for dinner! Check it out
  5. BlieLena

    We need a latin dance song... Help

    8.Cumbia de Los Muertos- Ozomatli* This is a song on our playlist. I am venezuelan and good salsa music is my thing! Enjoy!
  6. I was thinking of getting cheap hat boxes at Ross and giving the BM's their bouquet prior so I don't have to worry about it and putting mine in a hat boxing carring it on the plane. That's tough though if you have centerpieces too eeeee.... I would try to bring as little as possible to relieve the stress and extra costs. Hope this helps!
  7. I was totally worried about what to do with my makeup but honestly after seeing my friends get theirs done for their wedding they all ended up fixing or touching it up themselves. I really only trust myself and as nice as it would be...nobody can do mascara better then us ourselves.... I ended up having my friend who has a cosmotology license to take me to a MAC store not Nordstoms has to be an independent MAC store and i was able to get 40% off on any makeup purchase because of her license. ANYBODY with a valid cosmo license gets this discount and most don't know! The gal at MAC did my makeup and showed me how to blend the eyeshadows which I think the eyes are the hardest part if you don't know how to do makeup. I got the brushes which really make the difference and wow I got a good deal on them. I ended up getting all my makeup including eyelashes for 100 bucks!! Good luck, hopefully you guys find some friends to help you out w/ the discount. Oooooh..... or you could ask a friend of a friend or your hairdresser for a favor
  8. Hi Ladies! Thanks for all the wonderful feedback! I just got this final pic and they have been shipped! Wow, I am so excited and she was sooooo great to work with!!! I had made some final suggestions, no prob and she added the drop flowers because she thought they would look great and I thought it was soo thoughtful! I told her I wanted my bouquet to be the opposite of my BMs and she did it perfect! Also, I got a toss one for free to match mine!!! Hope you enjoy!
  9. I too was going back and forth with real and fake I just recieved final pics of my our flowers! I am sooo excited and the price can't be beat! I went with Bouquets by Alana tell her I sent you~! I don't know how to post pics...sheet soorry!
  10. Hi Ladies, If any of you have one I can buy or even rent for a week, I would be so appreciative and would take very good care of it! Please let me know if you have one or any suggestions. It's not soo important to pay full price for one so hopefully this will save me money!
  11. I am looking into on for our cocktail hour too... I have my WC on it, I'll let you know if I am sucessful! Since I am so close and to throw out any Plan B's would it make sense to have the DJ starting at cocktail hour playing live Bob Marley tracks w/ steel drum songs of popular songs like Red Wine etc.. I ve gone onto Itunes and you can find any song recorded in steel drums style. I would love to start cocktail hour with a very carribean feel instead of the Mariachi Band. I figure since all my guests are staying in Playa they will see them in town Lets keep this post going, otherwise maybe we should start a new band out there
  12. Hi all Brides to be!! I always need to start off by saying how much I appreciate everybody supporting this website , its given me soo many inspirations that I will start to post photos of soon, such as my invites. I have been going back and forth about real or not real flowers but after alot of soul searching I decided that the real touch made more sense and here is why.... I am getting married in The Riviera Maya and orchids are flown in from Costa Rica per my WC and are 18 DOLLARS FOR ONEEEEEE HEAD of the big cymbid. I really wanted all my bridesmaids to have green w/ accents of magenta since there dress in magenta. Holy cow you know how expensive that would be for 6 BM, eeeeeee!! SO plan B would have been to go with a different flower but I can't get it out of my heart soooo 1st reason for me to think about real touch. The next day most of my guests including bridesmaids since the wedding is on a Saturday are leaving and when I was just recently in a wedding I kept my BM bouquet till it got moldy hahaha because it was sooo pretty and such a waste to have these girls only enjoy if for one night. SOoo instead they can keep them as a keepsake and take them back on the plane with them which you can't do with real flowers. I asked one of my BMS what she thought because hey maybe she always invisioned fresh flowers for her bouquet but she was super excited about the idea of keeping hers!! 2nd reason to think about real touch. My bouquet: The same wedding I was in she had to leave on her honeymoon the next day and wow I couldn't imagine only being with my bouquet for one night, the whole time while she was gone I was wondering who she gave it to! It was big and amazzzzzing!! I thought I don't want mine to ever die if it looked that beautiful and ummmmmm pricey!! I was super super nervous too about how my bouquet vision would translate from my WC to the florists and again would have to sacrafice alot of money for those damn orchids I have to have Our save the dates and website has the orchid theme I ve wanted to keep up with. 3rd reason!! TTDress Session!! I get to use my bouquet again and go in the water with it!! Love itt!!! 4th Reason! I will keep it forever and ever and ever!!! 5th Reason And final the cost duh But that was never really the #1 reason for going real touch, as a bride we manage to make what we want happen!!! It was the icing on the cake! And now for who I am working with and would highly recommend or consider!! Orchid bouquets Berry and Wine toned flowers I love the orchid of paradise one but we are doing magenta roses and orchids with green orchids and touches of white ones. Soo dreamy! I am doing a 12inch with silver wrap so I can glue my own purple swaraskies (sp) The BMS are getting all green orchids with touches of magenta roses and orchids. Opposite of mine 8 inch bouquet We are also doing 5 GMens in Green Cybs and a 1 purple/pink one for the Groom that she said will match my bouquet. Also getting 10 mixed green and purple cybid. real touch for the cake and one mini bouquet of mine for the bridal toss Grand total..................$560 for all of it!! $35 for shipping. Mailing her a 300$ deposit to get it going tomo. I think this is an awesome deal and I am sooo excited the only thing we need to worry about in MX is our decoration flowers which will be real of course. She will be sending me pics of the flowers then pics of the finished products and I can tweak anything then I don't like. She was soo nice to talk to and I feel so good using her! I told her I would give her a shout out here! Let her know I sent you I really looked thru alot of postings on here and the web. Debated back and forth alot! When I asked my WC about MarieSam's bouquet (BDWF member) she said they weren't real and I was like oooookay I need to reconsider this real touch thing!! If you are considering real touch forget about for one second the only sucky part is that YOU will know they are not real but think of all the other positives and take a chance! The worst thing that happens you don't like it and you get real ones. Or you have a visual tester for the real thing for your florists and you can keep the copy version. Hey I think that is worth 100 bucks Good luck and I ll keep you posted with any pics I get!!!
  13. BlieLena

    Is it enough?

    I always thought that we would do a rehersal dinner but you end up inviting everyone so it makes sense to just call it a welcome dinner do it when everyone gets there or plan 1 thing special like a catermeran ride for everyone to snorkel w/ a good bbq maybe the day before instead of a rehersal dinner Gives more flexibitly with your budget and or doing somthing different and special since the dinner for the wedding should be the bomb one