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    DJ: Mannia Cancun review

    Quote: Originally Posted by NewYorkie Hello Everyone, I'm getting married at Dreams next year and I was told that Carlos is moving to DR. Has anyone else heard that? Hi! I was told by my WC that he is not longer in Cancun. I am really sad.
  2. Hello, I think Barcelo Palace is much nicer than all the rest. Good Luck!
  3. Hello all, Thank you for all the great ideas!
  4. I'm also using Yazmin. I'm agree with you, she's great!
  5. spatzle

    Need an outside WC!

    Hi, I'm using Yazmin De La Mora and she is great.
  6. They are a bit pricey but my wc says he (Paul) is one or the best one in the area.
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by NaM Aventura Spa Palace offers them! I saw Moon Palace a few times on here too so maybe all the Palace resorts do They are $500 if you get them without a package. Or included in all the packages except the free one The Grand Mayan and Mayan Palace Riviera Maya allows it. The hotel don't include fireworks on their packages but you can add them.
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by RCBlondie Who did you find them through? Is there an outside vendor that will do it or is it through your wedding package? It is a great idea for sure, one that all your guests would remember. We are currently thinking of the Fire Dancers. Hi RCBlondie, I found them through my wc Yazmin De La Mora - Weddings & Catering you can ask her directly, she's very nice and will offer great prices. good luck!
  9. Hi, I am having a "Christian" ceremony and then a "mayan" or "cosmic" ceremony with Maria and Charlie (still not sure which one). For a "sand" ceremony (I'n not interested) my WC suggested Petra and for the "Christian" ceremony I'm having KIKO. She says he is the BEST Minister in the area and i really trust her. Hope this helps!
  10. I am also getting married in June 2010 but possibly changing to december because of my family... I think June is a great month, sunset is around 7:30 pm. so you have enough day light for photos!
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by gdavcu I know the feeling it took a lot of back and forth before we decided that the Riviera Maya was really our best looking option. We are planning to use Mayan Palace for our wedding. A couple of key things that I liked about Mayan Palace are 1. It's not an All-Inclusive resort. 2. Getting a one week condo there is pretty inexpensive with the right resources. i.e. endlessvacationrenals.com or Holiday Systems International ownership just to name a few. Hi gdavcu I am possibly getting married in mayan palace and the grand mayan too! so far is my best choice since we don't have a time share they are offering really reasonable prices for my guests. which package are you getting?
  12. Hello The Mayan Palace & The Grand Mayan they do 1 wedding per day.
  13. For me the mariachi will be very mexican (but a bit loud for my german family) The trio is very romantic. It depends at what time you want them to play during ceremony, dinner or cocktail. good luck.
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by pribrzl Hello Ladies, After visiting about 5 resorts in RM, I finally picked BBGE and am happy about it! The resort is beautiful and considering the prices at the other resorts, this is a very good deal! I have been dealing with Candy and although she is very nice, as all other places, the response time is not that great. But, I have been trying to adjust to it and am hoping for the best. Good luck with your planning! Pri The WC there (Candy) was great... good luck!