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    Steel Drum Band ROR

    For anyone at the ROR, the steel band prices have increased to $450/hr.
  2. raeshb

    Wedding in ROR~Jamaica...

    Hi Vanessa, I pm'd you but we'll be there may 29 to june 5th, our date is june 3. where in canada are you travelling from? we are in toronto.
  3. Hi Kris, Thanks for posting your review and your pictures - sounds and looks like your group had an amazing time! Just curious, who did you coordinate your welcome dinner at St. Anne's with? And how in advance did you arrange that?
  4. raeshb

    Luggage Tags

    thanks - i'm also looking for the plastic cover for the luggage tags!
  5. raeshb

    Steel Drum Band ROR

    One more question for those who've had the band for one hour, how many songs can you choose to have played? I'm planning on getting them for two hours but only care about what's played during the first hour.
  6. raeshb

    Steel Drum Band ROR

    Thanks for the info everyone, I have also requested the steel pan band and am so excited!! Question for drbrainfreeze: if you dont mind my asking, what did you tip the band or what is the tipping ettiquette for the band?
  7. raeshb

    Previous ROR brides... Tipping

    Thanks for the tipping feedback everyone!!
  8. has anyone had luck ordering and receiving the individual packets of pepto/immodium/advil from any of the US sites? I just tried amazon.com and they will not ship those items to my address. i haven't tried the other suggested site yet (My Store Supplier - Wholesale General Merchandise & Novelty Items!!!) but am wondering if there may be some regulation against sending these types of items across the border. any success stories i would love to include these items in my OOT bag.
  9. great resources - thanks for posting your links ladies!!
  10. budgetjamaicabride - did you end up ordering the jerk seasoning from pampered chef? what is it packaged like? thank you
  11. Hi JUSTUSTWO - thanks for sending me this link from the other post. I see you had a welcome dinner, may i ask if you arranged it once you arrived or in advance?
  12. raeshb

    Question about RIU Ocho Rios dress code

    Thank you JUSTUSTWO, I really like your hairstyle in your picture. I'd like to do the same for mine.
  13. raeshb

    ROR Security question for photographers

    We also have the same issue - so thanks very much to the photographers who posted replies and thanks for starting this thread!!
  14. Hi again, I didn't realize there was a rule against emailing attachments, so pls disregard the request to email the file. thanks. saw this on another post: <<Ladies, if you post in this thread and ask for this document to be emailed to you, you will be BANNED with no warning. If you PM the owner of this file, you will be BANNED with no warning. If you are confused as to why, please re-read the forum rules / FAQ. >>
  15. Hi Ladies, I also do not have enough posts to view this attachment, super long way away!! if anyone has it could they please email to me as well: raeshb@yahoo.com. i think this is an excellent idea and we are working on ours (similar idea) but would be great to compare. thank you