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  1. You had an awesome review, I love the location!! I think this is my final pick for a destination wedding in Costa Rica...I have a couple questions, while im waiting on a reply from the hotel, the villa caletas, is at or a partner of zephyr pallace? Do you know if theres an option where you can have the ceremony down on the beach, and than have the reception outside at the zephyr palace? I love the amp. where you had your ceremony as well, is that connected to the zephyr pallace? Did you also have your reception here? I'm debating on hireing a wedding cordinatior outside of the hotel to cordinate everything (but i have to see if its within my budget first!) Or is it possible to try to cordinate everything myself? I would think that maybe the wedding planner would be able to get better deals then me trying to go through everything through the hotel...Are the pallace/villias pretty firm on their prices? We also plan on honeymooning here, maybe getting a room at the palace the night of the wedding, and than honeymooning at a one bedroom villia....Is the location pretty good as far as finding stuff to do (site seeing, zipline, beach, volcano...)exct? Sorry for so many questions!! But thanks in advance for the time
  2. Hey Ladies!! SO, I've been going back and forth between Costa Rica & Dominican!! Everything I hear, is Cost Rica! So much to do there! Ive been searching resorts, and not even know where to start! I'm looking for something luxious (like four seasons, i LOVE, lol, but NOT the price!!)....I like the "non commeral" resort look, more luxury smaller hotel/resorts if that makes sense! We want it to be 4-5 stars, it must have a nice bedroom suit & huge bath tub! On the beach, with an awesome view... I get such mixed reviews though after reading reviews on travel advisor! Any Ideas? Came across these so far... Reserva Conchal Costa Rica Luxury Hotel - Manuel Antonio Quepos Beach Hotel & Resort Any suggestions?? Thanks -Michelle
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    New CR bride

    Quote: Originally Posted by BayBug I am so excited that there is another CR Bride. I just got married there in September. Manuel Antonio to be exact. Ask me anything. I am more than happy to give you any advice. I am so excited!!!!!! I just saw that you had your wedding at Gaia Resort, I was wanting some more infromation on it, Im in a huge debate on where to have my wedding, we want an amazing view, nice beaches, and a must is a nice bathroom/jacuzzi tub!! haha--strange i know, but id like to go all out on my honeymoon sweet Could you let me know how the pricing was, location, staff, exct was please? And Id love to see pictures if you dont mind