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    HELP Grand Palladium Brides!!!!

    For all those waiting for your wedding certificates... We still have yet to receive ours, married June 29th, but I was able to use the one we got the day of to change my last name! I didn't think it would work since it was hand written, but I was able to get on my husbands health insurance with it as well as get a new social security card with my new last name. Just a lilttle FYI
  2. danalauren22

    HELP Grand Palladium Brides!!!!

    Quote: Originally Posted by ~*petals*~ Hey GPJ Brides-- my marriage certificate is HERE! Almost 4 months to the day since our wedding. The surprise is that it came from the Resort, not the Registrar's office. (It was mailed via DHL on 9 September.) Happy to hear! Can you still keep me posted on how long the Registrar's office takes? I was married about a month and a half after you and don't want to wait that much longer! Thanks for the congrats!!
  3. danalauren22

    HELP Grand Palladium Brides!!!!

    Quote: Originally Posted by jh17 and to make things worse I just looked at the AC vacations website and it shows that the Blue Lagoon (which we have booked for our reception) is going to be closed for renovations..... this is pretty stressful when there is only 39 days until the big day. The only consolation I can offer is that we spent 90% of our time in the ocean. We would head over to the pool in the late afternoon, but honestly the beach is nice and I preferred it. I would request to have a private or semi-private reception at the Posideon Resturant, its the one that overlooks the beach. Or if at all possible, no kitchen so may not be, to have the reception at the Spa which is beautiful.
  4. danalauren22

    HELP Grand Palladium Brides!!!!

    Does anyone have the email address for the lady who replaced Jascynthia? I would like to email her about our Marriage certificate. Thanks!!!
  5. danalauren22

    HELP Grand Palladium Brides!!!!

    Quote: Originally Posted by ~*petals*~ I got married there in May too with no sign of my marriage certificate yet. Finally gave in this week and went straight to the registrar's office. Here's the link: Registrar General's Department - Marriage Application Fingers crossed that their 7-10 day express delivery is more reliable than going through the hotel wedding coordinators.... Hi Petals, Can you keep me posted on how this works out and if they send everything to you on time. I came on here to send you a message to see when you received your certificate, but I guess you didn't which means mine is a long way behind yours! I really want to get mine, I was recently laid off and was able to get on my husbands health insurance with the temporary one from the ceremony, but would really like to make it official and be able to change my name. We are pregnant and don't want to risk anything with health insurance! Thanks, Dana
  6. danalauren22

    HELP Grand Palladium Brides!!!!

    Quote: Originally Posted by Islandbride2b Danalauren22- my fh and i just realized that your wedding was one of the ones we were able to witness, we even gave you our chairs up in the infinity bar! lol Your wedding looked amazing! Congrats. Thans Islandbride2b, It was! and I hope you have the same great experience we had. I still love opening up my slide show and watching it, I do it all the time A word of advice to all, if you are brining your own photog, let them know you don't need the resort photog We found him very annoying and our photog found him to be very pushy, like he was trying to make sure she didn't get good shots. Shortly after the ceremony I actually had to excuse him and he seemed really ticked off. But we really wanted to enjoy the steel drum band and have pictures taken of us dancing, and all he wanted to do was set up typical posed shots. Asking him to leave was a good decision
  7. danalauren22

    HELP Grand Palladium Brides!!!!

    Quote: Originally Posted by OchieBride JerseyKitten, I just opened up the link to look at it again (I'm luvin it) and I noticed the photograher is sungold who I know are some amazing photgraphers in JA. Do you know if theyu have officially opened up to outside Jamaican photgraphers or do you still have to act like there family and wedding guests? From what I understood, you could use an outside photographer that was a GUEST, not another vendor from Jamaica. So Sungold was not an option. This is based on information from other past bride, and i was not taking any chances! My photo just posted out wedding slide show. I cry everytime i look at it! Now I can't wait to really see all the photos. this teasing is killer here is the link: kristina hill photography // blog Jamaica (part 3): Slideshow
  8. danalauren22

    HELP Grand Palladium Brides!!!!

    Quote: Originally Posted by OchieBride I've heard the beach there is rocky..can someone who has been there please advise? I'm a beach bum so I NEED a good beach! There is a lot of beach at this resort. Parts are very rocky and beautiful, but the rest is great for swimming. Sunset cove beach is the biggest and has all the water sports and doesn't have any rocky areas. We dragged along water shoes based on reviews, but all they did was take up space in our luggage.
  9. danalauren22

    HELP Grand Palladium Brides!!!!

    Quote: Originally Posted by OchieBride Thanks Jenny. So is the food price included in the package (Tropical, Romance etc) or is there a per plate fee? Sorry for being so daft! The food is included in your package price (+ anyone over the count of . The only time you would have to pay additional is if you choose to upgrade to the lobster. We did not upgrade, and were not dissapointed in our entrees or service. Place cards: I found it easier to just have the place cards set up on the table then to have people have to find there seats. God reference: We had the same minister, VIncent Mackenzie. We also had a civil ceremony and did not ask to not have god mentioned. Civil ceremony just means its a legal ceremony, it is still performed by a Minister! He is a minister after all, so there will be references to god unless you ask for there not to be. The mentions were minimal. We are not religions, but not one complaint about the service. Jascynthia and her assistant, Suzan: Sorry, but I feel the need to defend them. I met with both, first Suzan and then Jascynthia. Both were extremely helpful and very nice. To say otherwise is ridiculous. Ipod during the reception: The way to go. We set up playlist before we left for things like first dances, cake cutting, dinner music and then just let them play. Worked perfect. Steel drum band is definitely the way to go during the ceremony!
  10. danalauren22

    HELP Grand Palladium Brides!!!!

    Quote: Originally Posted by zuzelh Danalauren or Petals: Petals - I saw that you did the "U" shaped reception.... That was all one table, right? So did you have table numbers for each person? Or place cards? Danalauren: I think you had less people at your reception, right? How did you handle the place cards/table numbers? We also did a U shaped set up. We made our own place cards and I gave the WC a diagram of where I wanted everyone to sit. It was set up perfect when we arrived.
  11. danalauren22

    NY based Destination wedding photographer

    I did get bombarded with people wanting a free vacation. But many were not and did have really nice websites and portfolios. For some reason I was pulled toward Kristina for her response to my original posting, she just seemed sincere. I want to also express that the only reason why this was a barter situation was because it was her first destination wedding and it was for use in her portfolio so that she could break into the field. Normally there is a fee for her services as well as most photographers that agree to a destination wedding.
  12. Photography was really important for me for our wedding and I really wanted to be able to bring someone with us on our budget. I posted an item on craigslist and received a response from Kristina Hill, kristina hill photography. She had shot many weddings but never shot a destination wedding but was really looking to break into the area. She agreed to do a full wedding day shoot in exchange for travel expenses for herself. We also did a day after shoot, which she threw in, and I think was more excited about than I was! Despite a bad flight the day before and a nasty hit on the head the day of, Kristina got it together and took amazing shots for our wedding. She blended in well with our group and seemed genuinely excited to be a part of our day. We have only received teaser so far but I am in love! Parts one and two are posted. Still waiting for part 3! They are posted (a few posts down) in her blog at: kristina hill photography // blog
  13. danalauren22

    Review: studioido.net, Studio I Do and Bryce Jenkinson

    Some people are amazing, and not in a good way. Hopefully responses like this keep his prized portfolio to a minimum! I'd like to recommend my photographer. We were her first 'destination' wedding, but she did a wonderful job! Links to her blog out below, my teasers pics are a few down.
  14. danalauren22

    Amazing Wedding at the Grand Palladium Jamaica

    Quote: Originally Posted by ~*petals*~ Awesome! You guys found our favorite tree branch. lol our photog went looking for that tree branch as soon as she landed!
  15. danalauren22

    HELP Grand Palladium Brides!!!!

    Quote: Originally Posted by zuzelh Danalauren: tha a la carte restaurants are included in the all-inclusive package? that's awesome news! I didn't realize that and thought that "a la carte" meant that we were paying for each menu item! So you just booked the dinners when you got down there or did you try to set it up beforehand with Jascynthia ? All the a la art resturants are included! Don't even bother with the buffets at dinner, the resturants are too good. The only group dinner I reserved was the rehersal dinner, the other two we just winged. I did not end up going through Jascynthia because even though it came up while we were with her, by the end of our meeting we just forgot. The morning of the dinner I went to guest services and told a woman there what had happened. She was very helpful and called the different resturants to see who could take a large group outside of the designated "group time slot" and not have a fixed menu. As far as winging the group dinners, we found that if you went later, 8:30 or so, and stayed away from the very popular places, steak house, they could accomidate you, no problem. The Mexican was the easiest to get a large table at, and it was good!